Completed Transactions

Has anyone else seen there Completed Transaction total change? Ours is a pretty high number. It is now vastly lower. We’ve been paid this. And even the future transaction numbers have changed. Is Airbnb experiencing technical issues? On the phone with them now.

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Yes, mine has gone down by about 20%

Very odd. They are working on it, as they say.

Maybe give them a call as well. They must be having serious tech issues. Hopefully not hacked.

I wish the tech types around here can explain to us why this ginormous company is having a bad glitch that has been ongoing worldwide at least a week.

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@konacoconutz. Agile programming without test units is fraught with issues. The fundamental code base has flaws, and they continue to build on top of it, without unit testing.

They are not alone.

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Is it system wide? Have you experienced it as well?

Not me, but all the Facebook groups are reporting it all over the world.

Growing pains… They did not make nearly as many mistakes when they were small and cared…

They did actually. They were super funky in the beginning!!! Every other enquiry was a spam! I miss those days. :grimacing::upside_down_face::rofl: