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Complete frustration - warning to other hosts


Please make sure you check every single window no matter it’s location to make sure they are shut and locked. I failed to do this after 2 gentleman check in/out without issue only to find out that someone climbed in and stayed in the home unauthorized. They also pried open my storage closet and made way with all my extra materials. The window I believe they came in is in an out of the way location (stairwell) and fairly high up but it is the only way they could have entered and the screen was off that window. Now since I checked them in/out and they took an Uber I can not say it was them and am not going to file a claim with ABB. I honestly feel that it was a group that left my place in shambles from an earlier stay that week but of course have no proof. Anyway, so like many of us we have routine when we clean a home (or cleaners do), and on my list is to make sure that the lights are shut off in the kitchen I do leave a light on over the microwave or in the living room or bedroom, changing them in a random fashion to make the home looked lived in when we do not have guests to discourage break-ins and theft even though we live in a low crime area. So I drive by last night on the way to pick up my son from work only to find the lights blazing in the home, I freaked and called the police to have them search the home again thinking some one had broken in. Thank goodness no one was actually in the home and it was shut up tight as tick …but just fair warning to others to double check doors and windows just in case even ones you wouldn’t think of. I honestly believe it was the same group that used the home earlier in the week and had left it a shambles and kept an eye on the home and squatted when they found it was empty knowing they had left a window unlocked and made entry that way. It was either that or they figured out how to disable my keyless entry.

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I had it happened twice.
But not the whole group but 2 separate people.
I couldn’t figure out how to erase the previous code . When the house was completely empty a woman just walked in but when she saw my husband she immediately left.
Then a man who stayed with us several times,
Waited till late and thought noone would book a room and just walked in.
Guests who booked room arrived very late only to discover a man on one of the beds .




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Yikes, sorry this happened to you and kudos that you’re so sanguine about it.

That sounds like a good plan.



Thank you for sharing your story as a warning/information for others. I’m so sorry that happened.



This is scary. So sorry this happened.



I’m so sorry that happened. That has to be a horrible feeling that you aren’t secure in your property. I can only imagine.

I went to a crime prevention class as the police department and the specialist recommended thorny bushes beneath all ground level windows. Bushes such as barberry. I’ve tried planting them since but the rabbits have been getting to mine.

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Yikes! By coincidence someone tried my doors Monday night. Be careful and change codes often.



Another reason to ensure there are extrernal cameras. Even if it is just a video doorbell.

Similar thing has been happening in one of my neighborhoods where people wait for folks to go to work and then drive right up and start with the front door. I have a video doorbell and have never had anyone even stop to try it. I only found out because my next door neighbor informed me that he discovered it at his house when he had forgotten something at home and returned less than 5 minutes after he had left.



Try holly! A plus is that you can use it for holiday decoration.



Yes outdoor camera’s are a valuable tool. However in this particular case unless I had put camera’s to cover every angle outdoors they wouldn’t have been caught by door facing camera. And I will not put them indoors and intrude on a persons privacy, that is my personal conviction although I do understand why people do it.



Bushes, shrubs etc are excellent for discouraging entry points however they don’t do much good around here during the winter months. Plus they can damage foundations and basement walls after a length of time and are discouraged from planting around foundations in our area.



The cameras don’t necessarily face the doors but they “cover” them with footage. Mine is a doorbell camera so I can’t see the door but see people coming and going as well as the activity in the driveway, front yard and based on how my house is situated, several neighbors and their properties. You could catch someone walking or driving up the road. Heck, check with neighbors to see who all May have camera coverage to help you.



Most of the bushes and shrubs we use do not lose their effectiveness in the winter. Get particular ones that will serve your purpose.



LOL…Well I would except we own the house next door and the vacate lot the other way. The backside of the home is apartments and do not have outside camera’s. The entry point was on the side of the house between the homes on the backside of the house and is very dark. City ordinance’s prevent us from putting up any add’l lighting between the homes even if we own both of them.



Thanks for the suggestion…the only thing around Nebraska that doesn’t hibernate in winter are evergreen tree’s. Everything else is just plain dried up and hibernating.



Then I would have video doorbells on all of them at a minimum and then you would have everything covered! Or don’t put any on the Airbnb house but you could still see when people come and go by the camera of the other doorbell.

I actually have a similar situation for a house I just bought across the street. It is partially in view of my back yard camera. And the video doorbell on the new (foreclosure) house has a perfect view of the side of my house that the cameras don’t cover.



How about evergreen shrubs?


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