Communication and Cancellations

I recently followed up with a guest who booked a few weeks ago. A week after the initial booking he inquired about adding two people to the reservation. My place can accommodate 8 with no issues and he asked if 2 more would be okay. I said no. This is a three bedroom, two bath house and they are in town for two days for a wedding.

Yesterday I sent a follow up: “On the day of your arrival I will send you a code for the keypad to the front door (not the garage door). The code will allow you to turn the deadbolt in order to gain access to the house. If I am home I will try to meet you when you arrive. Check in is 4pm. How many guests will be in your party? How many vehicles will there be?”

His response: “Thanks”.

So as you can see, he did not answer the questions. It makes me a bit leery of the booking because he’s either evading the question and planning to bring extra people or he’s just being lazy and not reading my original message. I sent another message this morning requesting an answer to the questions.

My initial thought from his response was to cancel the reservation. I don’t like wasting my time with guests who are not taking questions seriously. The problem with canceling is that I’m in some sort of Superhost trial period and I don’t want to be penalized for canceling.


Hi @Toddis_Ontherun

I wasn’t terribly clear from your post. Are you saying the guest originally booked for 8 and then asked to bring two more?

When he requested the additional two and you denied the request, did he acknowledge this?

It sounds as if you haven’t got to grips with how the host cancellation process works - in simple terms you can cancel if a guest breaks your house rules or you feel uncomfortable. Presuming you have in your house rules that no authorised guests can visit/stay, if he turns up with additional guests you can cancel the booking.

In your situation I would get a definite arrival time from him and ensure you or a knowledgeable friend or partner is there to meet the guests. You could also call the guest in advance of arrival to confirm a) arrival time b) number of guests/number of cars. Once he has confirmed the number of guests follow this up through their messaging system, so there is a record.

Alternatively if you really feel uncomfortable ask Airbnb to cancel.

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How soon is the reservation? Maybe you’re guest is extremely busy and isn’t concerned with the reservation which is some time away. Maybe he thinks he’s already told you how many guests there are (in his reservation) and doesn’t think how many vehicles is terribly important. Or yeah, maybe he is a self centered jerk.

I wouldn’t cancel over this. It’s not just about superhost status. As a guest, I won’t stay with a host who has cancellations on their listing. A cancellation would be an overreaction on your part.