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Come stay at my house for $15/night!

I never use price tips but on a whim checked price recommendations for the next 6 months or so. In a typical year (non-Covid!) we are very busy from April to November. Generally, the price tip is $10 - $12 below what we charge. Starting mid-August the price tip has gone to $15 per night!

Sure! We can do that - private room with ironed sheets, private bath, use of the washer and dryer, breakfast (post-Covid, when we feel comfortable with people again), parking spot, etc. $15 sounds reasonable (NOT!) :rofl:


You mean you think you should make some profit? What a strange notion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I get the same range of price tips for the same sort of listing you have. I charge twice what Airbnb suggests and guests tell me I should charge more, that my place is great value.


We got a 12-night booking for January (high season) this afternoon on VRBO. $900 a night. Air’s price tip? $515. We would have left over $4600 on the table if we followed their advice.


OMG, that’s not even funny. A deliberate misuse of their algorithm to harm hosts. SMDH.

@Atlnative - if that response was to me, then I don’t believe it’s entirely on purpose. You can find a number of places within a few miles of us that rent for around $500 or less. The difference is that we are larger, higher-end, and have an incredible view. It doesn’t hurt that we have the second-most reviews on our island on VRBO (we don’t get a lot of AirBnB bookings - VRBO shoppers plan further out). Their algorithm doesn’t seem to take any of that into account. Oh - and January is high season, when we get twice the low-season price. It’s possible their algorithm doesn’t have seasons, either.


We’re the same (apart from the larger part) and the apartment below our best rental, a neighbour’s place, is half the price. Everything is the same apart from the decor. Price tips don’t take these into account - all they’re doing is saying ‘other places nearby are cheaper’.

A room in the building next to us is a fraction of the price. Price tips only let you know what’s cheaper in your area.

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