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Collecting tourist tax when AirBnb doesn't


AirBnb does not collect the tourist tax in my country. I used to greet the guests during check in and colled the tax in cash. I now started doing self check in so I no longer have to wait around for guests, BUT I’m still driving to the property after guests check in to collect the tax in cash.

Although I’m saving from the waiting time I still have to make a 20 minute trip just to collect the tax. Is there anything that I can do to collect the tax without having to go and collect it in person?


Why don’t you just include it in the price of the room? Here it is only .50 euro / person/night…so we just bumped or price up by a euro or two.


That’s what I do, include it in the price. This is fully disclosed in my listing and in a lodging receipt so I meet my relevant laws on disclosure of taxes in my locale. As Kona has pointed out, though, you will end up paying Airbnb fees on the tax itself, which you will not if you continue to collect separately. I’m willing to pay 3% on 13.75% of sales and lodging taxes for that convenience (for me and my guests) as it’s a minimal amount and I can “cover” it in room rate. It’s less than 50 cents per lodging day at my rates.


If you go through the resolution center you don’t pay fees on those amounts and neither do the guests. It’s kind of a pain because they have to accept the charges but if @travellinbug tells them you either have to accept by xx time or I’ll be coming by to collect it it might help. @travellinbug you can also require that they pay them before check in. I sometimes collect pet fees using the resolution center.

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