Cohosting Possible Pitfalls?

I have a gentleman who wants me to cohost his property.

My most pressing question is, if I do this, will his property show up in my list of properties, and will the ratings his property get become my ratings as well?

I’m asking because, with my own listings, I am a superhost and I have really great star ratings right now. This new property is not up to par with my listings, and even if this potential host were willing to pony up the investment to improve it somewhat, it will never be a great listing. I don’t expect it will get 5 star reviews with any degree of consistency, and I don’t want that to affect my ratings/listings/superhost status.

No it won’t, unless of course you set up his listing.

Ah, thank you @Helsi. Now I understand the distinction. His listing, his reviews. That makes sense. I think my brain is on overload at the moment and I just couldn’t figure it out.