Co-hosting in Florence, Italy

Hi guys,

I am an experienced (2.5 years+) Superhost in Florence, Italy.
Managing just one apartment for the time being.
Love to travel (50+ countries), to host and to stay as a guest. Speak 4 languages fluently. Airbnb is the best “job” that I ever did!
Would love to be a co-host and to add some more properties.
Registered as a co-host on the airbnb but they are now eliminating the co-host platform.
Tried to ask friends and friends of friends (word to mouth kind of thing) with no results…
In Florence city center there are hardly any apartments offered for long lets and very few that exist all go through agencies so not really an option to directly approach the owners…

Any ideas on how to add more properties?
All ideas/comments are welcome!

Thanks a lot in advance.


Work for an Airbnb host management company?

Thanks Helsi,
An idea:)


I am located in the US, and am considering purchasing an apartment in Florence to rent out as an Airbnb while I not staying there.

I need some help evaluating properties as possible airbnb rentals, as well as full service to manage the property.

Is this something you can do? How would you charge?



P.S. I can reply in my limited italian, if you like.

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your message.
Sure, absolutely.
I bought the apartment I am renting right now 3,5 years ago and visited over 45 properties to find the right one (I was very picky though…).
Are you open to have a conversation on Skype/whatsapp etc?
My Skype ID is Ekaterina.Pisani
My mobile number for whatsapp is +33682913375

In terms of fees that would depend whehter you would like me to do a full search (get in touch with agencies, look through advertisements etc and then view properties) or just visit several properties pre-selected by yourself.

Please let me know when is best to have a quick chat.

Thanks again