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Does anyone have some advice about an issue I see as an upcoming problem? I have two Airbnb listings that are active but I will be out of the country for two months. I will be relying on someone else to manage my listings while I am away and am concerned that their hosting standards are not the same as mine. I suppose perhaps no one is the same as your own but I do not want my hosting status to take a hit. Not sure how to handle this one. Any advice please help! I had considered sleeping my bookings while I am away but it is my sole source of income and it will be the summer soon in Greece where they are. I may not return before summers end. Not sure how long my responsibilities will keep me away. Minimum two months at least. Any advice, please!

If you are using a co-host through Airbnb then only superhosts can be co-hosts.

Presumably you have checked their listings and reviews before choosing your host.

In terms of standards - that will form part of the contract you have drawn up with your co-host outlining what support they are offering, standards for the listing etc.

And of course the references you will have taken up with other hosts they support will help reassure you.

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Thank you for helping me! My problem is that my so called co-host is my husband, but I have always managed the listings as my own business, doing all of the work by myself. He will remain at our apt in the building that has my two listings and will essentially take over the job I have always done alone. I am worried because his standards are not as high as mine, not even close, and I do not want to come back to Greece to find he has run my business into the ground after I have worked so hard to earn my ratings. I now have an overall score of 4.7 that I have worked very hard for and don’t want it to fall lower. Please advise! ( besides the obvious of replacing my husband with a new, better one) lol Donna

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No one knows your husband better than you.

You acknowledge that having him manage the rental will undoubtedly affect your listing negatively because “his standards are not as high” as yours, “not even close.”

If he has not shown an interest in the hands-on management of the rental, you are setting yourself up for failure.

The only obvious solution is that you hire and train a substitute to take over your duties in your absence.

Another idea is to prepare a short check-off list for him to work off of, where he goes in after the cleaning/prep work has been done and makes sure certain things on your list were done to your specifications. Make him the Quality Control Manager!

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Thank you, Sandy Toes! He needs to be out of the loop…

I would be firm with him, and agree on certain procedures to ensure quality. For example, after each cleaning/housekeeping he will send you photos of the units that you must sign off on. Also, I suggest reaching out to upcoming guests about the situation, and setting expectations (such as, giving a modest discount in exchange for not doing breakfast service)

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The obvious solution is for you to employ a local superhost through Airbnb’s co-host system or directly through your own local contacts or local Airbnb host group.

Why are you considering your husband when you feel he isn’t able to meet the brief?

I am sure you appreciate if you want a good job done you need to employ someone with the right skillset and attitude.

(By the way it would have been useful if you had explained the full situation in your first post).


Thank you, .Helsi. Was just trying to keep my paragraph on the short side. Your help is so very appreciated! Donna

Good advice. Much thanks hypertokyo!

I would not let anyone else - anyone - look after my listings.

Thank you. I feel the same. I’ve been thinking about shutting them down
while I’m gone. I will honor the two reservations I have.
Just not accept any more. Thank you for your input. Donna

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