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Co Host Needed, Rawcliffe, York, UK


Hi there, fellow hosts,

I’m Nicki and my listing is in York, UK. I have 3 rooms listed in my home. I’ve been an Airbnb-er for years, first as a guest and I started hosting about a year and a half ago with my holiday home. I actually prefer hosting in my own home as I know what’s going on. Maybe, I’m just incredibly nosey. Ha ha.

I’m not sure if I’m in the right place here; please put me straight if I’m invading the wrong space, but here goes.

I need a co-host. I’d prefer someone who lives nearby and is flexible. I want someone who will stop by and top up the bread, sugar, tea bags, etc. I want someone who is as particular about cleanliness and guest comfort as I am. I basically need another me!

I’ve advertised locally but no bites save a professional domestic worker who has many jobs and too busy in reality to focus just on mine.

Help me please? What did you do to find your co-host? Are you my double?! :wink:

Thank you for reading.



Hi @Kikisi

It is difficult isn’t it. Do you have a look host group where you live if so, you could post there, or post on one of the Uk host forums on FB. You will get airbnb management companies put themselves forward, but you might have a local superhost with experience of hosting that will do it.

You could also do a search for local , established superhosts in your part of York and see if they mention they co-host and drop them a message via their profile on their listing.

I co-host informally but am in the West of England. As a heads up co-hosts don’t always clean themselves so you may also need a cleaner.

If you just want someone to clean and top up suppliers why not just advertise in your local FB groups for a cleaner.

My cleaner does three Airbnbs in my area so understands the need to be flexible. I gave her a checklist of areas for her to cover in her clean.



Thank you. I really wanted one person I can rely on as my go to if I am out of town or in an emergency, and the pro cleaners are quite inflexible really. As you well know, we have to be flexible as things don’t always run according to plan, and that’s all I have back when I’ve posted in the local groups.



I can only go on my own experience which is I have had two cleaners, but of whom have been extremely flexible.

However I don’t ask them to manage my listing, as that’s not what I am paying them to do. They clean my place on a regular basis and then in between as required and also put the washing through for the bedding and towels.

Anyway if you want a co-host who also cleans then try some of my suggestions.


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