Co-host cleaning fee split is messed up

I have been helping a friend rent her apartment for a few years. We’ve been doing a 90/10 split. 90% for her. Then AirBnB added the ability to pay a cleaning fee to a co-host. So it would seem that that cleaning fee should be paid first, and then the remainder split 90/10. But that is not what is happening. First, the $50 cleaning fee was coming out of my friends 90% end. Now that arbitrarily switched and is coming out of my 10% end. The ideal would be to pay the cleaning fee first, and then split the remainder.

Sounds like your friend ie the host needs to give Airbnb a call and see what they advise?

By the way Airbnb suggest up to 25% for co-hosts (if you meet and greet guests).

Cleaning fee does not impact the Co-host % payout. It is calculated on Net Rental Rate after service fee:

So if you had $100 room rate, less $10 service Fee: and your split is 10%. You should get $9 plus what the cleaning fee is. (if co-host if getting cleaning fee)

Allow me to clarify. Long before co-hosting was an option, i set up two bank accounts (mine and my friends) and have done 90/10 splits that way. 2 years later i added my friend as a co-host so she could communicate. She is not paid a co-host percentage. But i did set it up so that the cleaning fee goes to her… because there was no sense of me taking 10% of that sense she handled it. It would be great if the cleaning fee was paid before the 90/10 split. But doesn’t look like they are set up for it to work that way. I’m hesitant to pay her a co-host % because our set up had been working for years.

The cleaning fee is paid first. But i don’t even understand how it impacts your situation as you don’t have Airbnb pay your co-host anyway.

Nope. The cleaning fee is getting paid last.
Ex: If there is a rental for $1000. Let’s say AirBnB takes 10%… so there’s now $900.
That is getting split 90/10… not thru the co-hosting. Its split between two bank accounts. One mine, one my friend’s. I thus get $90… but then the $50 cleaning fee is getting taken out of my end… so now i get only $40.
That’s how it’s working right now.

Just set up co-hosting payment. What you are describing is not a co-hosting payment. Close payment your 2nd account.

or just pay your friend directly.

Can anyone tell me about what are the mediums/channels to pay co host here? Like do i need to insert his/her bank account details?

You co-host sets up payout methods in their own AIRBNB account. You set the payout rates in your login.

Hi Michael, It took me a while to understand. I’m the listing owner not the home owner. I get the cleaning fee and 15%. This was an actual booking and I saw these numbers on my account. Here is my take:

68.33 x 3 nights $205
cleaning fee $40
Subtotal $245
Fees - $7.35
You earn $237.65

Now this happens when they split it:
$205 - $7.35 = $197.65 (100%)
$237.65 - $40 = $197.65 (100%)

Host (manager/listing owner) = $69.65 (15%)
Co-Host (Home owner) = $168 (85%)