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CNBC: AirBNB hosts getting almost nothing from $250 million relief fund

I just found out that my two large bookings are not being considered part of the relief effort because 1: the guest cancelled on March 17, and the rule is canceled after March 30. 2: the stay was for July, and outside the range. Both are absolutely documented due to Covid, I feel Airbnb is using the technicality of arbitrary dates to exclude payment.

Anyone up for a class action lawsuit, or is there already one started I could join? I’m serious. Our Tax dollars were given to Airbnb to help us, and they are not passing the funs on to hosts!

Yup. Sign me up now, I’m always up for a legal roller coaster ride. That’ll finish about thirty years after I’m dead.



Did you ever read the Airbnb Terms of Service you agreed to when you listed with them?

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Don’t try and inject reality here, I’m signing up because I’m such a grumpy fecker no one ever asks me to join anything!

I’ll keep you all posted with the progress…




that’s helpful and mature. This is my first post here, was looking for help, info, answers etc. and i get snark. bummer.

Have you read their current terms about offering help to hosts who had cancelations because of covid?

that is my case, but they are not giving me any $.

this is the response they are giving me.

“Again, I’m truly sorry for the confusion caused. The canceled reservation HMANK38D44 with Sara Barger is not eligible for a refund/aid because the reservation was canceled before March 30 (March 14 to be exact).”

They changed the T & C to suit themselves, they also state in those T & C"s that they can change them at any time …this is what we agree to.

You and probably 10,000 other hosts. No one here can help you in your fight with Airbnb to get paid the 25% of the cancellation. I’d say it’s a losing battle, but if you don’t mind spending your time trying, that’s up to you.

I got this BS excuse as well, for three bookings cancelled by Airbnb on March 13. It’s infuriating.

Every initiative will have limits/restrictions around the way it operates. I am just pleased I got something back. @cooperjto

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