Closed topic - 3/1/17

Hi all,

I’ve recently become a homeowner and I’m looking for a company or people to manage my property in Nottingham. I would like to rent it out on Airbnb and other sites.

If you know are interested or you know someone, please get in touch with me.

Best regards,


Hi @Jonathan_D_Hauwers

This is an international forum. You would be best looking to see if there is a local FB or similar group for your area and/or a local management company.

Or if you are local you might want to manage it yourself with the help of a cleaner - really depends on your circumstances.

@Jonathan_D_Hauwers you’ve given your number out on a public forum. You might want to edit your post to remove sensitive information.

While preparing for Airbnb please check if your mortgage provider and leaseholder will allow it. You will also need to update your insurers that you’re not resident in the property as it might invalidate your insurance.