Clever or too clever by half?

No, I do not do that.

Name from River Rock Retreat in Idyllwild California

That’s my signature, so I can be searched for online


Edited to ad, I mixed it up today. Thanks for staying at River Rock Retreat in …


I’m teasing. …


Woof!! Woof!! Tail wag!tail wag!!

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As a non-dog owner it would make me retch ever so slightly and swiftly move on. So I think it does the job really well!

Sorry to be harsh but I can’t stand this kind of stuff. I love cats but I would feel the same if you’d written a feline version. I hate the word “furbaby” as well. Animals should be respected and loved for what they are, not manufactured into a mini-human.


@Magwitch Oh, I detest that word “furbaby”. And I’m a dog owner. But my dog is, well, a dog. She doesn’t sleep on the sofa or in bed, she has her dog bed on the floor. She doesn’t jump up on people nor get spoken to in baby talk. She doesn’t get handed bits of food off the dinner table.
I also hate it when people say to my dog- “Go to your mommy”. I usually give them a withering look and say “I’m not her mommy.” This is often met with surprise and a confused “Well, what are you, then?” “Her owner, her master, whatever- I’m quite sure her mommy had 4 legs and a tail.”
I’ve noticed that “furbaby” and comments like this are most often made by middle or older aged people who have never had children.


I try very hard not to judge people but this is one area that I struggle with. Animals can be our friends and companions but they’re not our “babies”. To be fair, I have the same issue with people treating their own human children as if they are some sort of commodity - you know, like posting zillions of photos on FB about how adorable they are. And little babies are already learning that as soon as the camera is pointed at them, they have to do the “cute smile”.

Now I’m off to look out all the old photos of us kids looking grumpy…!


I like it but I am a sucker for wordplay.

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Too clever but only by a third.

Don’t get me started. And when people refer to cats as ‘kitty’ - my cat would scratch anyone’s eyes out who called him that. :smirk_cat:

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So I sort of halfassed tried this out. I wrote the following review:

“Mila the pup, and her humans Arnold and Ana were excellent guests. They were quiet and clean and I’d be happy to host them again.” (All five star and would host again). I usually get reviews right away so I was a little nervous that these guests didn’t review for over a week. Also their first language isn’t English so I thought maybe trying it with them was a bad choice. My review just came in and they said this along with all 5 stars:

“One of the most amazing trips of my life. The place is spectacular.”

I love my Airbnb room but amazing and spectacular? I’ll have some of whatever he is on. LOL.

Anyway, the experiment will continue with the next dog owning guests.

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When my oldest granddaughter was about 2 or 3, people were always coming up to my daughter and her in public, saying thing like “Aren’t you a pretty little girl”. My daughter saw my granddughter already getting a bit of a princess attitude, and putting on that fakey cute smile, so she cut her hair shorter, and started dressing her in tee shirts and pants, rather than pretty dresses. It didn’t make her look like a boy, but it did stop those kinds of comments and the attitude it was fostering.

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Ah yes. And so the world goes forward with baby steps. At least for awhile longer.

Great review. You communicated the important facts clearly. Other hosts know that neither your guests nor their dog were a problem. Isn’t that what everyone really wants to know? Why do it in a ho hum manner if you can inject some humor into it? It caused me to chuckle and I bet your guests did too. Thank you. Well done.