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Cleanning Fee - cause messy guests or not?



It’s confusing to many because hotels and other places don’t charge one, it’s included in the fee.


Thank you all for helping me on the following.
If I summerise it - No matter if we put cleanning fee or not , guests are unpredictible. Most will be clean guests and some will be messy.
I decided to add the cleaning fee based on the comments I see here.
I think there should be a change in the way AirBnb show the min price of a night which should include the cleanning fee ( This is fairly easy - based on minimum nights you assigned , devide your cleaning fee and show a real price). This will be good both for guests but also for fair competition between hosts.



I don’t have a cleaning fee as I personally don’t like seeing a headline price and then, on scrolling down, finding there are additional costs. I ask guests to leave the place clean and tidy and the vast majority do so.


My daily rate is a good value for my area so I charge a 30.00 cleaning fee. Nobody seems to mind that cost.


I have a 2-night minimum in summer for my 1-bedroom guest suite, but I opened my calendar up for 1-night bookings in the slow off-season. I was quickly getting burnt out on the daily turnovers (I do my own cleaning or have a trusted family member do it when I’m unavailable), so I raised my cleaning fee from $20 to $30 to feel like I’m paying myself a little better for the 2-3 hours it takes me to do a turnover. I’ll report back if this makes a difference in the level of mess left behind by guests.

A friend of mine who rents a studio had a similar cleaning fee and noticed guests were messier when she raised her rates. However, she has been hosting for a number of years and has overall experienced a decline in guests as AirBnB has grown, so it is hard to say how much the cleaning fee affected her experience. She has high-end organic bedding and towels, and has a problem with guests staining them and generally trashing her studio. I have cheaper bedding and towels from Ikea and Target, and have only had a few linens irreparably stained by guests. I have hosted about 150 groups so far and have only had maybe 3 who were excessively messy.

For context: most of the comparable listing in my neighborhood either have no cleaning fee or something higher, ranging $45-$150.

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