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Cleaning! What's sparkling, what's good enough?


Mine for my niece was almost as long, except I had to add,

Make sure cat does not get trapped in cleaning closet!
Make sure cat does not sneak into the room!


That’s a MAJOR thing! One of the beds in the place I manage is in a tight place with a bedside table and no space to get the vacuum cleaner near one side unless you crawl over the bed etc. It’s a bloody nightmare to clean properly and I’m not surprised the last cleaner thought ‘to hell with that’.


Disinfecting light, lamp switches and everything else you mentioned is the first thing I do. It is more to protect me while cleaning than the future guests


Online in the messages section. That way if they do ever book with me through airbnb again, i find the offer quickly. (I’ve been hosting for 5 years this summer. I have no memory left)


Thank you, this is amazing.


Guys! I found dust!

Behind the flat screen television, there was a huge dust colony with advanced cultural markers and several linguistic groups.

I’m going to make the tall child clean it next time he wants to earn screen time.

I doubt this is the Official Review Dust, because guests are rarely at the angle you need to be to see it, but… it’s kind of a relief to find some dust to deal with.



Sexist cleaner tip: If it was a female guest (anatomic not gender identity I guess!), I don’t worry so much about the walls around the toilet . . .


Thanks so much Alia. Great idea!


i rent a whole house, every stay no matter how long,
i wipe every surface, (window sills, light switches, bedside tables)
wash all bedding replace every time
vacuum all carpets
wash wooden floors
thoroughly clean bathroom, shower toilet, sink, bath, taps.
clean front of fridge and dishwasher, wipe kitchen bench, tap, top of stove, front or drawers, handles.
check all plates and cutlery

every few weeks…

clean fridge
clean oven
wash windows
mow lawns


My place is a barn in the woods. Charming, everyone says. But a nightmare to clean - high ceilings, lots of rough-cut timber that dust sticks to. And then there are the spiders. Webs come back in two days. Dust bunnies too. Little black things just appear in floor corners and of course window sills too. I clean and clean and can’t seem to get on top of these. Need advice!


I don’t think you can prevent them but vacuuming each day might be the best way to “clean” them. Maybe a Dyson V6 cordless vacuum with the brush attachment. Leave it in the rental so guest can suck up unwanted visitors?


Thanks. I like the idea of leaving vacuum for guests to use.


I only put 2 pillows on the bed & have 2 extras in the closet. An Airbnb I stayed in did it this way & it’ll cut down on the pillow cases you have to change bc not everyone will use the extras. Saves me a little time at least with most guests.


Ah don’t vacuum the spiders :frowning: Spiders are nice and your secret friends. They eat up all the bugs that you don’t see in your place. If you’re booking a ‘barn in the woods’ then you have to accept the creatures that go with it. They were there first.


Maybe they are your friends and my friends but not the guest’s friends. If you see spiders and a web in your guest room you leave them there? As much as I like spiders, hunting them down and humanely removing them from the house in Costa Rica if you recall, I don’t want to trade their lives for a bad review.


Well guests shouldn’t book a “barn in the woods” if they’re afraid of a spider! I don’t know, if we’re going to sanitise everything for guests we might as well call ourselves hotels and be done with it.


I’m saying that most people don’t associate spiderwebs and spiders with cleanliness which is a rating for the reviews as well as grounds for getting a refund. So if you want to give a host with a barn helpful advice on cleaning you might consider that. If a host wants to get good reviews and not have problems with Airbnb they might consider that. If you want to discourage certain kinds of people from booking certain kinds of Airbnbs there must be a way to do that as well.


yes I have all that in my listing - not just bugs and spiders but it’s a farm! all kinds of stuff - potholes, owls, snakes… we have a river and a pond. dozens of ways people could get hurt. i haven’t done a waiver yet - but do have lengthy house rules that include this and by reserving they are saying they have read and accept the house rules. i follow up every reservation with a "you read the …, right? just to be sure.

I would be interested in how the glamping community deals with this! thanks everyone for comments this is a very helpful forum.


I used to have only two but a few guests told me it would be nice to have
an extra pillow. I have them now so I’ll continue with the preprep of the
extra pillows as it does save some time. I have the locked storage space to
put them away. When I have only two guests I do not put the extra pillows
out, I don’t want to have to clean double the amount because of the second
bedroom. Thanks for your input. With all the Airbnb changes this might be
my last year anyway. I’m not fond of the fact that we do so much work and
always there is that possibility that Airbnb does not have your back and a
guest can complain so as not to have to pay. For us Airbnb has funded the
renos req’d for the house so for that I’m grateful. The next season will
finish everything off. :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re right of course. I think I had my Ecofriendly hat on a bit too tight! Cobwebs are never a good look (outside Halloween). I got a fantastic vacuum last year (Shark) with extendable poles - OMG, it’s amazing. My place has v high ceilings and now I can blitz those dusty webs with ease and precision rather than wobbling on a chair holding the container in one hand and vaguely pointing with the other.

We don’t get many spiders here, at least not noticeably. Occasionally a MASSIVE one will appear suddenly and freaks us all out. I don’t mind them but when they’re that big :open_mouth: I do always try to catch them and let them free out of the window, though.

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