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Cleaning for long term bookings


Hi, I am a new host and have a booking coming up for 3 weeks. Just wondering what the etiquette is about cleaning and chafing sheets during a longer booking? Should I offer to clean and change the sheets free of charge during this time? Or is it ok to charge extra? What do other people do? Thanks in advance!


I offer a weekly sheet and towel change as part of my listing. Partly because the washing machine in the apartment is on the small side and partly because I want to keep an eye on how they are treating my place. I have 4 boys staying for 6 weeks right now. I would be very nervous about things if I wasn’t checking it out once a week.


I like Highgatehill’s answer.


Thanks Highgatehill, that sounds good. Do you clean weekly as well as part of your offer?


Yes, I don’t charge extra for it, it’s just included in the price. It also encourages the guests to make sure the house is cleaned at least once a week before I arrive. I get the impression these 4 boys run around the night before I come to change the sheets cleaning everything up. It’s win win for me.


Brilliant, thanks so much!


My opinion is:
It’d be improper to charge extra for change of sheets (unless they wanted something like daily change, but in that case I would simply say “no”)
A weekly change is the latest I would do. During high season, I charge guests a lot more per booking, but feel it’s also proper to give better service i.e. more sheet and towel change (every 3 or 4 days). During low season I wouldn’t feel obligated to do more than once a week.
That said, often when I offer to change about 4 days in, many say “No, we’re good”. That’s the best case scenario: offering but not having to do it.

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