Cleaning fees for multiple nights

We don’t mind cleaning for free for one or 2 nights. How to we add cleaning fee for guests who stay more than 3 nights?


This is not an option with the current software.

This is part of the basic Airbnb instructions. You cannot apply different cleaning fees to different length stays. You apply a single cleaning fee that covers the duration of the guests stay. After you’ve done hundred or more one-night cleanings you’ll appreciate the extra money – trust me!


I get mostly one night guests and don’t have a cleaning fee. I just raised my price a few dollars for everyone. I’ve probably had over 300 one night guests. Cleaning fees are useful to discourage one night guests by making a one night stay more expensive per night than a multi-night stay, especially since there is no way to build in discount for stays of more than a day but less than a week. Beyond that I see no function for them. Some hosts like to advertise “no cleaning fee” in their listing. They just makes the pricing less transparent.

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I adamantly refuse to refer to a ‘cleaning fee’. :slight_smile:
To me it is a preparation fee.

It really has nothing to do with cleaning per se but the fee goes towards the amenities available to the guests when they arrive.

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Is there a setting for “preparation fee” that reveals the fee in the breakdown of price?