Cleaning fee included in daily rate

What do you think of this? Now cleaning fee is divided by the number of days and added to daily rate. So if someone books three days the fee is 142.00 a day. If they book 8 days the rate is 115.00 a day

Hello Deidre,
Thank you for the response back.
I looked into this and discovered something new. Normally when a guest books your listing, Airbnb would break it down by nightly rate, cleaning fee and Airbnb service fee to explain the subtotal of the reservation. Airbnb has put a question mark next to the price times the number of days. When I hoovered over it, I get a message explaining the price is including the cleaning fee you have of $125. I didn’t understand at first, but I took 125 and divided it by 3 nights that you have for a minimum and it comes out to be 41.66666… Which our system rounds off to 42. So it’s 142 times 3 nights plus Airbnb service fees and you get the subtotal of the reservation. Then I even did it for 8 nights which would make it 116 times 8 nights plus Airbnb service fees.
Your pricing is actually correct, it’s just now the system is including your cleaning fee by breaking it up over the number of days your guest stays with you. I do apologize for the confusion as Airbnb didn’t notify anyone to explain how we were going to change how your cleaning fee appears.
If you have any questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to email me back or give Airbnb a call at 1-415-800-5959. We are always here to assist you no matter the time of day, night or even weekends and holidays. Thank you for being part of the Airbnb community and have a great day.

I think it’s great, except people who are not searching with dates are going to see one rate, and then when they put in their dates and try to book they’ll see another rate (I’ve had this happen), but considering people change rates for certain dates anyway, it may not be that big a deal.

For now I’ll keep my cleaning rate low ($20) for the off season because I want 1-2 day stays just to fill the calendar, but if that stays hidden, I’ll be raising my cleaning rate for next summer as I’d prefer longer stays.

My listing is a vacation home in the US Virgin Islands and 125 is the going rate for cleaning a 1200 sq ft apartment. so changing my cleaning fee is not an option. :frowning: I quess I could eradicate the cleaning fee and just make the daily rate higher

I have just done a search without dates and prices aren’t shown anymore when you do that (at least tonight on Chrome from a smartphone).

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