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Cleaner Reqd Wincobank, Sheffield UK



I am looking for a STL experienced cleaner. The listing is very close to Meadowhall, Sheffield UK. Refs essential.

Do you guys just hire a domestic cleaner or a professional company?


I would use your local area FB group. That’s where I have found mine.

Personally I prefer an individual to a company.

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The chances of anyone from Wincobank reading this are tiny. The nearest you’ll get is probably me - from Barnsley but now living in the USA.

Choose an individual or a company as you prefer. A company will be able to supply someone at all times but an individual might not always be available for same day turnovers, especially if you get short notice guests. On the other hand, you can rigorously train an individual to your (strict) standards.


Try for a professional one who has reputation and good reviews.

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