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Claiming a deposit, guest denying

A guest broke the foot of the bed (which is one of those beds that you push up to the ceiling - you have to tuck in the legs). our friend who takes care of the place always does a thourough check before and after each guest. and she always shows new guests how to use the bed.
when the guests checkout, she found one of the legs broken - most definitely they did it. she asked them, they blatantly lied and said it was that way.
so now we have to make a claim on the deposit. do you know how that works if a guest denies it?
also, where do I even go on the site to make the claim?

Thanks for the help

We’ve answered this question so many times here, so look through the forum for more tips. You are going to need to find an estimate for repair of the bed from a company with actual letterhead, then take several photos of the damage. You will then go to the guest reservation and you will find the resolution center. Follow the instructions, upload the documents and then write a through claim of what happened. If the guest denies, Air will step in and make a decision so this is why it’s important to have good documentation. They may or may not side with you, based on the evidence presented.

This site really needs a set of centralized FAQs. Even tags, like Stack Exchange has, would help.


I want my money back!!! :smile:

This is true, and every forum I’ve ever been on has repeat topics. It’s the nature of the beast.

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Not Stack Exchange, at least not so much. They have elaborate mechanisms for handling this kind of stuff, including closing questions as duplicates. But of course this isn’t a question/answer site.

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