Claim for ripped sheets

After the guests checked out, the cleaners found one of the sheets was ripped apart. I filed claim for $27 the cost to replace the sheet. So the guest thinks it’s normal, his words were “To throw payment of ripped sheets to the renter is not right” I answered him, the sheet was obviously been ripped apart, not normal wear and tear. Now he’s not happy and left me a bad review. So my thought is, we as hosts can never win this kind of claims. What do you would do? We just eat it up, never ask for any damage because of the fear of the bad reviews?

First question - how old was the sheet? Is it time to be replaced?

No, not old at all. I replace them as they go, sometime the stains can’t be washed out, I replace the sheets also. It’s only 6 to 7 month old.

Where was it ripped? I typically would call that type of thing “wear and tear”. I’d have to know more about how/where it ripped. Also do you use bleach? Because that sometimes weakens the fabric so it rips more easily.

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I tossed a torn sheet and considered it wear and tear. The sheet may have had a flaw; it was not that old and it’s the only one of several bought in a group that tore. Personally, I would be unhappy as a guest if I were to be charged for a ripped sheet.


My personal-use sheets sometimes rip due to flaws in them or age or a watchstrap or ankle bracelet catching. Things like that. Unless it was ripped into strips deliberately - knotted into an escape rope? - I would say it is wear and tear, too.


Bad review likely much more clostly than $27.


Let. It. Go.



Even if it was something avoidable you shouldn’t claim for a new sheet but pro rate the amount of time you would have kept the old one. It just looks like you are taking advantage of an accident to get new stuff which is probably how the guest sees it too.

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I disagree with the above responses here but also have submitted claims for the same thing (although in my case it was chewed by the Guest’s dog and it included the comforter as well). The Guest denied it. Write me a good 5 star review with “sorry for the misunderstandings” I’m the private feedback and Airbnb paid me half of what I had asked for because they said I couldn’t prove that it wasn’t MY dogs that chewed it.

I generally care more about getting the money to replace things than I do the possibility of a bad review plus I feel that if they do leave a bad review in retaliation it is often reflected and obvious to semi-obvious, and either way I can respond to it with the facts if necessary. Since they are the Guest it is a possibility that future Hosts will see my response if they use the Chrome plugin.

Yes, I understand the bad review may cost me bookings but it is likely that they would be poor fits anyways if they can’t see through then or at least ask about them.

Also check carefully there is not a sharp or rough edge or other spot on your bedframe where the sheet could have caught. I put a small tear in a quilt that way. Fortunately, it was patchwork, so I just patched it!


I have dogs and can identify if one of them has chewed something. Absolutely bill the owner for that type of damage.

In general I don’t charge for ripped sheets. Too many things can innocently/accidentally occur for me to bill for it. I have noticed that the sheet corners for my queen thick pillow top bed tend to rip frequently (including on some very expensive sheets made to fit up to an 18 in. Mattress-mine is 16 in.) I have no idea why the ripped corners occur but it isn’t the guest.