City centre parking

My next Airb project will be city centre, with an internal garage - it’s Brighton, which famously is difficult for motorists, and some car parks are £10 per hour. Should I just increase my daily rate and mention the parking, or would that deter guests who may not have a car? Do you think it would make me Mr Popular-Knickers, to have such a location with a car space? I can’t fathom how to make it an optional extra.
This will involve me stashing my car in the next town, so I’m not just going to giveaway my garage for the duration!

Just add it into your listing as an added extra with the cost.

And then if people want it they can pay for it.

Send them a special offer.

I’d mention it in your title too.


Seeing as it may go up to 10 quid, it’s probably not a good idea to absorb this cost.

It means non-car-owners are subsidizing those who have cars.

(Now, come to think of it, doesn’t that violate Brighton’s core ideology?) :wink:

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That’s a tricky one. The last time I went to Brighton by car was a nightmare, about two years ago for a friend’s 50th. The B&B owner sold us an overnight parking permit for a tenner but then when we couldn’t find a space in the designated zone, we had to pay again for a spot in another one, whilst the B&B owner refused a refund for our original permit, even though he asked for it back! I can’t remember the detail but we found ourselves with a parking ticket the following morning for spurious reasons. TG for smart phone photos; I appealed and clearly won as I never heard back from Brighton Council. We were due to meet up again for lunch the following day but trying to get to the venue was so difficult, and we couldn’t park, that we left for home. I would rather drive around Hyde Park Corner than Brighton and will only ever go by train another time.

And as for the B&B, well, don’t get me started. £165 for a cupboard on the top floor, a dirty shower attached. I complained when we came to pay and ended up with the owner screaming at us down the road as we left. He was even more incensed when we doubled up with laughter, unable to move. But then we found the parking ticket…

So, I wouldn’t want to pay for parking I’m not going to use, nor would I want to subsidise someone else to do so.

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I vote that you make it a paid for extra at a competitive rate. You have to send the fee through the resolution center if it’s instant book or as a special offer if they inquire. This can be annoying as it’s an extra step and you have to wait on the guest to accept. I have a pet fee and I clearly say all pet fees must be paid before check in but I still have the occasional person who doesn’t pay before check in. Airbnb has always gotten my fee to me though.


Maybe do a quick analysis of listings with parking and without. You should be able to see what kind of premium is being charged for parking. Compare this to what you could rent the parking spot monthly on your own.

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Brighton is not served by the famous London/UK train system?

yes, hence everyone wants to drive!

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You are funny!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yes there are frequent trains from a variety of London stations to Brighton virtually 24 hours a day. Personally I can’t understand why Londoners would chose to go by car when they can jump on a train.

Perhaps because the line is run by Southern Trains and has been suffering strikes, work-to-rules, and co-incidental levels of sickness absence by drivers and other staff. I have heard that even in "good"times, the overcrowding is horrendous, together with delays, cancellations and general mismanagement by Southern.

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Here’s a representation of how Southern works:


Reminds me of that film, Scarf Face

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Not Scarfy Movie??

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