City banning Str

My city is banning STR except during a BNP tennis tournament (2 weeks). My HOA allows them but city is making them comply. Thoughts!

What kind of thoughts are you looking for?


Change the first line of your listing to: “City X only allows me to book clients for stays between X and Y for the XXX Tennis Tournament”.

Make sure the dates are for a week before and a week after the actual dates of the tournament – some players/coaches/visitors will want to come early and stay late.

It’s not worth the legal hassles if you get caught working outside of city ordnances.


Quickly learn the city’s definition of STR. Is it 10 days, 30 days or something else?

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What is the effective date? Maximize your income to the effective date then you must comply. It is not worth the the problems that come with violating a city ordinance.

I like @smtucker 's idea of finding out the definition of STR. If it is 30 days, you may can continue to list with for 30 day plus rentals. There are many postings on this website discouraging LTRs. Also the Airbnb website HELP function recommends getting a separate rental agreement for rentals greater than 30 days, which you can do. There are free LTR agreements available on the internet (of course your get what you pay for…). You can draft it and ask and attorney to review it.

Thanks for for your suggestion.