Cities (and HOA's) use coronavirus to accelerate regulation

“Landlords will now have to provide information on the location of a property rented through platforms like Airbnb, how often a flat was rented, the total payment received and identify the online service used to connect the owner with the client.”

Thank goodness I live in a shitty conservative state who doesn’t even believe COVID-19 is real then! :rofl:

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Prague is another classic example of a city that reaps what it sows.

You (as a city) encourage all the budget airlines to bring as many folks as possible, as cheaply as possible, to your city, without recognising that all these folks have to be housed during their stay.

City break folk want to stay in the centre; they don’t want a long tram ride or bus journey to get back to their accommodation, I know I don’t when I’m only somewhere for two or three nights.

Cities like Prague all want the revenue these visitors bring, but invariably they fail to look at the bigger picture, one major aspect being where will all these folks stay when they are here?

When folks start filling the needs of the visitors, they themselves get the blame, not the local authorities tourism dept who just want to bump their visitor figures up each year. Regulate the market by all means, that’s good for the majority of hosts, and guests. But don’t point the finger of blame solely at the hosts!



I live in one that’s kind of in between but my city does believe it’s real. However, no shutting down of Airbnbs here. But I notice most hosts have disappeared.

No shutting down of Airbnbs here either. However, all new leases, deeds, rentals, hotels and STRs have to have everyone sign an agreement from the governor about self-quarantine for 14 days and then report it to the Department of Health.