Christmas clearance sales?

Does anyone know the best time that Christmas items go on clearance?

I have decided I am going to go all out next year with decorating the rental for the month of December. Luckily this year there was only a very young honeymoon couple staying…so the indoor wreath was good enough. Plus, the outside is decorated in white lights year round.

BUT…the last two years, both sets of guests went out and bought a Christmas tree after arrival! I honestly don’t know if this is something the families enjoyed doing together, or if it was a chore. Both groups had kids. So I am guessing since the rental is a log cabin, then guests do expect a festive Christmas.

About 5 years ago I was at a dollar store and all their Christmas items were 90% off. I won’t be shopping at the dollar store. But I am looking online and I see Home Depot has outside yard items at 50% now. Is it likely they will go lower?

Anyone have any idea how long stores try to get rid of Christmas decor? I will doing all my shopping online.


Try kikki k for high quality Christmas stuff on sale. I’d say the discounts now are as good as it gets.

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The day after Christmas usually has both the best selection and lowest prices But anytime between Christmas and New Years is discount buying time.

Damn you, Zandra, there goes there goes my New Year’s non-spending resolution … and they deliver to Spain for only €8.50! I want all of the Personal planners to feed my get-organised-this-year habit …

I have one of their personal planners. They’re wonderful :smiley:

Easily my favourite stationery !

I believe the best clearance deals will be in actual, physical stores. Online stores can keep their goods in warehouses, so they don’t have the high cost of retail floor space to worry about.

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People who live in the US and want deals should check Amazon. I don’t know what the pattern is but I know when I see something online that seems like a good deal, I check around a little and then I buy it. It does seem like the best days are early in the week. I posted in another thread about a mattress cover being $20, the price listed when I looked up the link a few days ago. But the normal price is $30. I got a pair of Haflinger slipper/shoes for $22 the day after Christmas. The regular Amazon price is $97!

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