Chicken Pox - Cancellation


Any idea where we stand if we have to cancel guest within 24 hours? I know usually ones charged a £100 cancellation fee however my son has started itching and has a spot on his stomach and is complaining of his ears hurting. He was diagnosed with chickenpox at 1 but it was so mild that I now wonder if it was misdiagnosed.

I have emailed my guest to explain what I have said above but have said he is still welcome if he wishes to come as my understanding is that if he has previously had it he cannot get it again.

Where do we stand as hosts in this situation?


I’m sorry I have no advise except to say “poor you!” Good Luck, let us know how it goes!

I am also really sorry to hear this Fraggles, it is just one of those things. Where you stand depends on the kinds of insurance you have in place. You are going to have to trust your instincts on this one. I hope all goes well.

All ended well. No more spots and guest is here. I am still waiting for a response from airbnb on what would have happened had I had to cancel due to an infectious illness.

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So happy to hear your son isn’t going to suffer from chicken pox! Here in the US kids are immunized for it.

They have started immunising here but he was diagnosed with it on his first birthday. I just wondered whether he might have it again but fortunately not.

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Very glad to hear all ended well!!