Chicago Hosts! Read!

Hi hosts,

You might of received an email from airbnb regarding the shared housing ordinance, and the necessity to register with the city.

There are two lawsuits against the city from Keep chicago livable and the Goldwater institute, and implementation of the ordinance will most likely be delayed until at least February 1st. If you register with the city, random inspections and heavy fines could follow if you do not follow the ordinance carefully.

I am on the fence of whether to register, but I wanted fellow hosts to be cognizant of the impending lawsuits and their effects on implementation of the Chicago ordinance.

Can you cite some literature or sources so I can read up on these lawsuits? I’m not sure if we need to worry about “random” inspections – I think we need 2 visits from city officials to be licensed properly in the first place, including an inspection by a fire marshall. I’m not sure if any other city has this stringent of licensing procedures. My bookings are terrible for winter, anyway, and the competition is crazy. There’s a 3 br apt on the corner from me that’s brand new, re-modeled and they are charging $89 on weeknights in January. And they’re totally open in January because even that’s not cheap enough!

I would check out their website and get in contact with them for further details.