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Cheesy review for the guest


Dear friends,
What is the most beautiful review for the guest you can write
Condition: you dont know anything about the guest and if they stayed with you before
(trying to create some five star review to post for every guest)


I think a host should always try to personalise reviews, not have a standard one size fits all. If you are looking for a standard approach you could try this.


Mr. Jones was an excellent guest, and is welcome back anytime. He was friendly, communicative, and left the place spotlessly clean.
(This is a basic template, I always try to personalize a bit.)


Always personalize it a bit. Would you like to get the same review as all the other guests?


I’ve stopped doing personalized reviews and now just say the same as the questions that are part of the Airbnb questions in the review, i.e.: John followed all the House Rules, Communicated well, left the space tidy and is welcome back. (or whatever)

Why? Because twice now I’ve gone out out my way with a nice review just to get “cracked” (as Kona says) in their review.

Also, as a guest I hate it when the host says personal/judgemental stuff in their review of me such as “seemed nice but I hardly ever saw them”.


The boilerplate: “John and Adam were great guests and I really enjoyed hosting them. They left the place very clean and tidy and I would happily have them back and recommend them for your place”. For me saying adults were “well behaved” or “followed the rules” seems odd as it should be taken as a given unless mentioned otherwise. On the other hand not all adults clean up after themselves so I like to mention it if they did (as asked).

If I have something personal to say I put it in the private comments like: “Thanks for coming, I really enjoyed chatting to you guys and hearing about your travels. Thanks for the gardening tips and leaving the place so clean and tidy”.


Boiler plate reviews tell me nothing about what is like to a host a particular guest.

Or indeed if they were actually good guests as unfortunately some hosts leave a standard good review, even where the guest wasn’t necessarily that great.


“You caught my eye as you walked on by… “ whatever happened to him? He was so popular back in the day!


I definitely agree with you but it was a thing in 2012-2015, when you was meeting every guest in person, communicate and have fun still making money. Now airbnb is just a booking engine which tries to make you drop the price to make benefits for them when competing with booking.com
I miss those good old times but have to adjust to reality, i dont meet 70% of guests in person, and when i write them 5 stars it is mainly not true (ex. cleanliness)


Thats the thing you never know what guest is going to write about you, so is better to have a sample


Nowadays 50% of guests are not that great


Just for you


I agree it may seem odd to note that adults followed the rules. Yet there are so many that don’t.

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