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Cheerful-out of season cottage country listing ideas

I’m happy tonight as I’ve a booking for the weekend which I didn’t expect. It’s late fall here, not much tourist activity, so I was pleasantly surprised to be booked. Helps to take the sting out of a $500 car repair bill.
Now I need to work on updating my listing for the fall and winter. Any tips for cottage country out of season
Thought I’d share some positive vibes.

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Hooray for you! Do you want to share your listing?


Clearly, you would need to sell SNOW!!! Are you near snow machine trails? Can you provide snow shoes? Is there somewhere nearby that rents cross country skis? Does the brook freeze enough to become a winter highway? Do you have a fireplace so you can sell it as a cozy get-away for the person in the family who doesn’t do winter sports? [Just saw that photo with your fireplace.]

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Embrace the snow. There are some of us who live in year round sun and tropics who dream of getting away to cold and snow. I kid not.

I agree – embrace the snow. Sell the snow! Get a half dozen pairs of those inexpensive snowshoes – cast plastic or metal tubes with webbing. They are cheaper than X-C skiis and more fun for beginners. Sell the quiet, back-to-nature escape.

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