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Checkout Checklist & Rating Guide

Hey there Whole House hosts!
Does anyone have a checkout checklist that they print out and leave for guests to use during self-checkouts? Turn off the aircon, lock windows, etc.
I’m also thinking of providing a Rating Guide to avoid unfairly low star ratings

I have a check out list in a frame in my listing. It’s by the door so that people see it every time they walk out. It’s mostly information that’s already in the house manual, but it’s presented again to ensure it can’t be missed.

I think it’s hilarious that you’re thinking of a Rating Guide, and all jokes aside, I’d love to see how that works!

My checkout list is simple and is at the bottom of my ‘Welcome’ letter (laminated) which is on the counter with the gift basket. Guests self-check-in and checkout by designated times.

I have a 1 bedroom condo and set the max occupancy at two. Surrounding condos have the same layouts and are the same size, and the owners or Prop. Mgrs. allow up to 6 occupants! Not I.

The departure instructions are to remove the trash and deposit it in the chute at the end of the hall. (I provide a cart on wheels for transporting.) I say that it’s okay to leave the air-con on low (the housecleaner shows up within the hour); to close the patio slider and that it’s not necessary to lock it (it’s a high floor).

I say to remove perishables from the fridge, although they may leave factory sealed and frozen items for future guests if they wish. I say to use their discretion and that the housecleaner will discard items if there is a span of more than 3 days between guests. (My guests generally stay 5-9 nights +, so they end up utilizing the kitchen to save on costs.)

I ask that they wash and put away the dishes and utensils they have used (after all, it’s only two people) and to remove grease and grime from the glass-top range. (I provide cleaners, a razor scraper, etc.)

Oh yes, and that they place the car park permit and pool key where they found them.

I run a tight ship.

Regarding the Ratings Guide, see http://www.airhostsforum.com/t/suggestion-cards/6348/

There seems to be some duplication, or at least overlap, going on here.

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