Checking in bigger groups

I’ve just checked in my first group of 4… so much harder than the small groups of two we’ve had up until now!
Any tips on how to handle 4 different people asking different questions all at once? My usual spiel was interrupted so many times I’m sure I left things out. What’s the best way to deal with this?

By telling them you will take any questions at the end of the tour.


Yes! I need to find my best teacher voice

Not really. You just say in your normal voice; I’m going to do the tour of the house; if by the end I haven’t covered everything you wanted to know feel free to ask.


I had a clip board with items I wanted to tell them about and ticked off each item as I covered it so I wouldn’t forget things.

Are you sure it wasn’t just a coincidence that your first group of four just happened to be a very vocal group?

I think it depends on what kinds of questions they were asking. If it was questions about how to operate what you are showing them…then that is appropriate. You would want them to ask right then if they don’t comprehend. But if you were showing them how to operate the washer, and they are asking about the closest place to deliver pizza…then that’s a bit rude.

Usually there’s a leader of the group, or the one who booked.
I take that person through the house showing them the rooms and bed set ups, rules, etc.
Then they can communicate that to the rest of e group. Of course if others ask questions I answer, but I tend to focus on the person who booked, so they are clear where everything is and how everything works, as it is they that will write the review.
They can then explain it to everyone else.
I have hosted groups of 14 before so four sounds like child’s play :smile: