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Checking guests in at any time, from anywhere

igloohome will launch our new product designed for Airbnb hosts at Airbnb Open in LA next month - the world’s first smart lockbox.

The igloohome Smart Keybox lets you store keys or keycards to your Airbnb in it, and you can grant access to visitors remotely, at any time and from anywhere. This is done via the igloohome mobile app.

You no longer need to arrange for meet-ups with your guests to hand over the keys again! No more endless waiting due to delayed flight arrivals…

The duration of access given to your guest can also be set - be it hours, days or weeks. This means your property remains secure after your guest’s stay.

What’s even better is that the igloohome Smart Keybox works offline. It does not need an internet connection, so you wouldn’t have to worry about internet disruptions or weak wifi, which may cause unreliability in other smart devices.

Also, unlike smart locks, installation is not required for the Keybox. It is easy to secure onto any firm structure (eg. railings or door handles).

As a preferred partner of Airbnb, we give you the option to choose whether you would like us to synchronise your igloohome account with your Airbnb calendar (fees may apply). This will automate the creation of PIN codes, which will have validity periods tied to your guests’ booked duration of stay. The PIN codes will be sent to your guests, and you wouldn’t need to lift a finger to check them in.

We will be launching the igloohome Smart Keybox at Airbnb Open in Los Angeles next month, so do feel free to come by our booth for a demo of the Keybox!

Pre-orders are already open for selected countries, and we are looking into the possibility of shipping to more countries in the next phase.

Find out more and pre-order at:
igloohome Smart Keybox - http://lockbox.igloohome.co
igloohome About Us - http://www.igloohome.co/about-us/
Contact Us - info@igloohome.co

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