Check your payouts! AIRBNB has not paid for reservation from Sep. When I call for support I get nowhere

So I discovered that one of the reservations from Sep in the amount of over $1000 has not been paid yet.
There was nothing funky with the reservation, no emails regarding problem with payment collection.
I have called airbnb at least 4 times on this issue. All they tell me is they will sent my request to the department that will look into it , and after I get no follow up of any kind.
This has been going on for almost a month, and im not sure what to do at this point.
Airbnb seems to be going downhill with their support…

I’m sorry you’re going through this. The “departments” that nobody can talk to is easily the most frustrating aspect of Airbnb. If you’re able to take the time you can file a claim in Small Claims Court.

I do have a good amount of listings with Airbnb so not sure I want to take them to court yet

Sorry to hear this Alex.

I know what it feels like to get the run around and nobody will help but tell you that another dept. will handle it.

Do you happen to know if they sent the regular payout email that payment is on it’s way? Just curious if they sent that and then you just discovered the payment never hit your account.

I think Air in general is going downhill. It’s a shame that companies provide support when they are trying to build their brand. Then the minute they can take advantage of the people who helped them build their company…they don’t care how they treat them.

They seem to be more responsive to Twitter and Facebook. Might be worth a try.

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Yes , Its showing as pending for 2 month now

Alex, what is showing as pending?

So you are saying you have a copy of Air sending the orignial payment that is on it’s way? Now they are giving you the run around?

Call me money grubbing… But me just now noticing that I am missing a $1000 payout from September is about as likely as me ironing sheets.


There’s an arbitration clause applicable to users in the USA. You cannot sue in Small Claims Court. The U.S. Supreme Court has consistently approved unfair contract terms that call for arbitration, even where the arbitrator is chosen by the stronger party and nobody ever seems to win. Here’s the Airbnb T&C: Here’s one of a serious of NY Times articles on how unfair it is (In fact HHS has reversed that for (and only for) nursing homes where even survivors of murder victims have been unable to sue. But I would expect the Trump Administration to cancel that.)

Is this for a long term rental? They don’t pay out the full amount but instead pay out piecemeal.

:joy: LOL same here! I’d notice immediately! I guess I’m a small timer in this game!


What do you mean by saying they send out payments “piecemeal” for long term rentals? Is this in their
rules? Could you provide the backup information on this?

Took me one google search to find this:

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I rented our desert place for 2 months. I got a partial payment, then waited a couple of weeks or more and got impatient. I contacted Air and they said for long term stuff they pay just by the month. I eventually got 2 more installments. These terms are somewhere in the fine print on their website.

Did you get an email saying the payout was put in your account? I get one every time and then check. So far no issues.

Does anyone know where the terms are posted on these longer term rentals? This is the first I have heard of the different way Airbnb treats a longer rental. We had a guest extend his stay because his condo was not ready for him to move in. Airbnb paid normally on the first two segments (the renter extended his stay two times) Then on the third portion of the stay (second extension) Airbnb paid only $179 out of the $291 due to us. No explanation was given.

Please give me some reference if you know where the terms are. I would like to know before I call Airbnb to ask about the $112 they owe us.

UPDATE: I see in the Help section the following verbage:
How are long-term reservation payouts processed?

For long-term reservations, payments are collected and released in monthly installments.

We charge your guest the first month upfront and release that first payment to you 24 hours after their check-in date. Future payments are released to your payout method on a monthly basis for the duration of the reservation.

You can check the status of the monthly payouts in your transaction history.

The reservation code and guest name is recorded on each payout line in both Future Transactions and Completed Transactions.

Now my question is, Where is the “Future Transactions” and “Completed Transactions” page found?

For the assistance of anyone else needing to know this information I am writing the answer to my own questions. Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On the Transactions History page, found in your Hosting “Account” tab there are three columns. Since I had never had a situation where I wasn’t paid in full by the booking I had never noticed the other two columns. The columns are “hidden” until you tap the header at the top of the Transactions page.
The headers are “Completed Transactions”, “Future Transactions”, and “Gross Earnings”.

Our missing $112 was in the Future Transactions column. Airbnb is holding out March’s portion of this longer term reservation until March 1.

Can anyone explain why Airbnb would pay this way? I asked my accounting husband why and the only thing he could guess is that Airbnb makes interest on the next month’s portion until they have to pay out. But what regulation would allow for them to change the payout? Why, other than a loophole, would they do this? At this point my question is purely out of curiosity. But if I had a huge chunk of change being held for some capricious reason as this I would be rather upset.

Chime in, please, if you know of a good reason for this behavior.

Under “Accounts” click on “Transaction History”. When you click on “Transaction History” you are shown the completed transactions (in the net amount) for the current year. You can click on “Future Transactions” or “Gross Earnings” and you will see transactions in those categories.

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Thank you, EllenN. Your answer is much more succinct. :slight_smile:
Any idea why they get away with this withheld funding? They clearly have been paid and have the money.

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I’ve never had a guest reserve more than a month so I don’t have any experience with the payment system for long term stays.

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I was confused at first but then discovered their payout method by emailing Airbnb. I think the reason for this is that in case there’s a problem, a cancelation maybe midpoint, they aren’t faced with trying to get money back from you.

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