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Check your Future Transactions

I discovered by accident today that Airbnb were holding $121 from a stay earlier this month. When I called the CX first insisted that it had already been paid out, then later advised that they had overcharged my guest by $1 due to currency exchanges. No response as to why that sidelined my payment. It has now been released to me, with no apology whatsoever. I also asked about host one-year recognition. CX advised there is no such thing, even when I told her that other hosts have received gifts and/or travel vouchers. I am biding my time until InnClusive comes online in October, then bye bye Airbnb.

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The only one year thing I know of is a $100 travel voucher for Superhosts. Hopefully others will chime in with what, if anything, they got as a one year anniversary gift.

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The CX said that doesn’t happen! Smh, they are so bad. I’m going to meet an actual Airbnb staffer tomorrow. I have a lot of questions for him :wink:

We did get the $100.00 travel voucher for being Superhosts. However, we have to use it ourselves; we can’t give it as a gift.

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I just got a keychain and a welcome card after seven years of hosting on Air.

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