Check your email NEW Airbnb TOS

That’s our job. Airbnb advertises our rentals and deals with the credit cards. There are many of us who have never expected the company to deal with issues with guests.

And as @Annet3176 says, rental agreements can easily be found online. :slight_smile:


You may wish to re-read the TOS.


Ok - so now we supply a rental contract for guests to sign.
I want to know what the cancellation policy will be if the Guest refuses to sign or supply any extra information required by the host.
Will the requirement of a signed contract need / must be in the house rules?
Will Airbnb refund their fees if the guest does not follow through?
Will we be penalised for a cancellation due to no signed contract?

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I’ve always had a rental agreement. It is in my house rules. If a guest doesn’t return it within 48 hours, I call up Airbnb support and they cancel the reservation for me, no penalty and no questions asked. Has been this way for years.


Like @dkelner, I know of many hosts that require ABB guests to sign their own contract. We do on Vrbo; guess I need to start doing it on ABB now.

For STR A separate contract appears optional. The Airbnb booking creates a contract that the host & guest will abide by the booking information. I think the new TOS was mis-read.

I do a separate contract for all rentals >28 nights

I think we’ve always had the option for a supplemental contract as long as it did not contradict what was on Airbnb


There are some new bits there, and it definitely needs a thorough reading. I noted that there is a sentence stating what I interpreted to mean that some day one may be able to pay for a higher search rating, but not yet. I can see the “sponsored” label appearing, like when online shopping. Also noteworthy is that “covid cleaning” seems to b e now mandatory. As the child of a surgical nurse, I’ve always held those standards, but I realize not everyone deep cleans between guests the way I do. I looked for changes favoring home share hosts as a special category, did not see anything that stood out.


Do you do a rental agreement for a less than 7 day stay?

Yes, every stay must sign a rental agreement. I do mostly 2-3 night stays in the off season.

My listing is in the UK and the email I received kept saying it only applied in Brazil. Not sure if I got the same email as other countries?

Some parts of it only applied to Brazil.


I created a contract for VRBO in the beginning since they recommended it. Then I just started uploading my House Manual as the contract. No signature required…“booking and payment are confirmation to abide by the House Rules and penalties, etc…”

I, like @momovich, have little confidence my contract or House Rules are totally enforceable. But, VRBO has real deposits and I have STR insurance. There’s also small claims court, and having been there before, I do believe cases can be made easily enough without signed contracts as long as things are in writing.

I mean, am I likely to sue over ruined sheets the guest refused to pay for if ABB doesn’t back my claim? No. The only big rule I ever am concerned about is smoking, but supposedly that is covered by ABB now.

So, I may be clueless :sweat_smile:, but I don’t see the need for signed contracts when the guest has to “acknowledge and accept” all the rules, etc. already when they book.


I don’t require a signed contract from AirBnB guests, but I do from Vrbo guests and my direct bookings. Since AirBnB has room for a lot of house rules, I copy my contract there and don’t bother with having them sign a second one.

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Agree…I’d definitely have the guest sign a contract if we booked direct (need terms and agreement in some kind of written form).


I’m reading that many hosts already have contracts and ask for guests to sign them. I’m highly curious and interested in starting to do this but could someone perhaps share a template? Then how is the guest asked to sign the contract? After booking are they emailed an attachment? Or how exactly is this completed? - Thank you

I don’t require a contract for AirBnB bookings but I do for VRBO and direct bookings. I use DocuSign and it sends it to their email for their signature, then to my email for my signature. It’s all on-line.
DocuSign costs some but I think there are a couple like it that are free.


To start at the very beginning, Airbnb requires supplemental contracts be disclosed. I would disclose in both the description & house rules.

If you are in the USA, FREE sample/template state specific LTR leases are available at

USA website offers sample/template STR rental agreement


I agree it I our job that’s why it’s OK for airbnb to lie and have a phony host guarantee

Last July you posted here that you weren’t going to use Airbnb again. So why exactly are you here? Please let us know. Thank you.


@Invisibleman OMG!!! I hope this is a joke…