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Check out this inquiry!

Sounds like a 3rd party booking and they should reach out to their own church members if they want free lodging


Because of how I was raised, I might give a 10% discount, depending upon how booked I would be. Slow season, a little less money is better than a vacant rental.

My parents hosted (at their expense), visiting priests, nuns, and the “Up With People” singers. You sign up with the Church and then you get… people. I loved meeting them all and it made for entertaining dinner conversations, to say the least.

“Muller’s morgue. You kill 'em, we chill 'em.” Yeah, dating was hard…


There’s been some quite justifiable indignation here, and I just wanted to say I would be absolutely mortified if members of my church pulled this stunt!

It’s true that the hotel in the North of Spain that hosts our annual Synod gives us a great discount, but that’s because we can guarantee them 60 or so rooms booked in February each year which is very low season, not because we’re a charity.

Also, delegates contribute rather a large amount to bar takings over the week.


Wow! Not just a discount, but FREE ACCOMMODATION ??!!
When I receive messages asking for a discount, I respond with three key pieces of information:

  1. I explain the context that the majority of homeowners who list rooms, or indeed their homes on AirBNB, generally do so out of existential need. I don’t know of many people who willingly welcome strangers into their homes.

  2. AirBNB is already a significantly cheaper option for accommodation - therefore, they are already receiving a major reduction in accommodation pricing.

  3. I close with emphasising the benefits of my listing and all the value for money summarising with a statement about why they should definitely book my place.

*** That being said, from experience I know it is inadvisable to accept a guest who has asked for a discount - because they will unlikely be generous with their review ***


I may be facing this with an expected booking request tomorrow.

Guest inquired about 97 days in my private room ($37 rate is discounted 15% for monthly) with his dog ($20/night pet fee and I will likely offer to refund 15% of no damage…) although I don’t know if he even bothered to read about he pet fee because he never mentioned it. When inquiring only asked how far from Xxxx Regional (hospital) and with no punctuation, lol. I tell him 21 miles.

Then asks how long as he will have a 30 minute response time. I tell him 26 minutes going the speed limit. I get no response so inquire as to his intentions as I have had other inquiries that would preclude uninterrupted 97 says. No response again.

Next day he says my place is awesome but for that price he can stay 5-10 minutes away. Wish him luck and let him know I was only inquiring due to no response. Next day he asks me to call. Inform him how Airbnb censoring works.

The next day “After looking at places closer, yours is perfect for me and my well behaved dog. I’ll be there from Sunday night or Monday night and leaving from work Friday except 1 or 2 weekends I’m on call. Is this the best price you can give me?” Tell him I don’t fully understand the days and weekends but that the price shown is with my 15% discount for long term bookings. Then ask what he can tell me about his dog.

Eventually answers about the dog. I repeat needing clarification about the days and he gives me an only slightly less clear statement. I’m guessing he might leave on some weekends so ask him if that’s what he means. He says yes and that he lives an hour and a half away and would only be here weekends he is not on call and that’s why he wants a discount.

I offer several possible options where I can rent out the room on weekends he isn’t here or book the first night or month (to get the discount) and then we can discuss it from there (thinking maybe going direct). Also ask if he knew which weekends he will be on call yet. Responds “Won’t know till I start. Forget about a better deal. You’ll just have a lot of peace and quiet on weekends.thanks for trying“

So I think he is fine as is and send him the pre approval then crickets…after it expires I ask his intentions and let him know that it is open for anyone to book (although i hadn’t saved him the dates anyways) Almost 24 hours later he says his dates have been pushed back a week perhaps and he’ll know in a couple days…

TLDR: poor commo and wants discount after previously saying there were closer places for my price

Sounds a lot like the guy I’ve had here multiple times. He’s in the military and his communication is terrible. His dog which he left in the room all day while at work chewed multiple things. He left plenty of money to cover the damage, mostly because I was able to fix some of it myself but he didn’t say a word about the dog damage. If he ever contacts me again I’ll simply say he and or he and his wife are welcome but no dogs.


I’ve never actually had any discount seeker decide to book with me. Guess they weren’t satisfied with the $5 discount I offered!

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Do you plan to host him if he ever requests it? I worry he’s going to leave his dog there all day.

I’m considering it. I’m not worried about him having his dog here all day. It is he farm I love at top and o have my dogs here all day and do doggy Daycare and Boarding occasionally as well. This is the perfect place for someone to come if they need to have their dog left alone all day.

Will you charge this fellow for doggy day care or is it included in the lease?

I would charge. It is not included. My guess is that doggy Daycare would not be the usual but maybe a walk. There is a requirement to crate (I provide that for free if desired) when in the house and I also have a couple outdoor kennels that could be arranged for a fee as well.

When my Army guest with the dog booked his 22 days (that became 17) we talked about dog care. I took him and his dog out to the yard and introduced him to the other dogs. I offered to let his dog out daily to give him yard time for free. For whatever reason he didn’t take me up on it. I could have done things differently like insisting I be allowed in to clean once a week, but I didn’t. In the end it all worked out okay but some people are strange.

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I have let dogs out for guests for free at my farm and the whole house if I am there mowing. I play it by ear and go from there. I only had one long term at the farm before and it was one month and with a cat so if he does book it will be unique.

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Ha! I got this one last night…I wanted to tell her to kick rocks with an open-toed shoe, I should have simply responded with, “Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate your request.”…but I’m human and landed somewhere in the middle…


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We used that in my house too. Family of corrections officers.:rofl::rofl:

I have to remind myself that I never know what someone is going through and it pays to be kind. However, this rubs me all kinds of the wrong way…if they are asking for it for free. I probably would have played dumb or just for fun…

Hi Kayla, thanks for your inquiry. I’d be happy to help with a 10% discount if you book for 4 days or more. There’s a limit of xx people in the home and no large parties allowed of course and I can’t violate that due to insurance requirements. I’m sorry I can’t offer more than that as my elderly parents are suffering and living with me. My diabetic husband just had his foot amputated. Between my medical bills, the vet bills, the student loan and bill collectors hounding me, it’s been a tough couple of months. Our Christmas is looking bleak. Sorry to overshare but I really hate that I can’t do more to support our military.


Long live oversharing:rofl::joy:


“deploys to Korea with his family.” That does not sound like a deployment but a Permanent Change of Station (PCS). Irks me when people wrongly try to take advantage of the public support of military members and families this way.


The very first people who booked me for dog boarding were military. Two dogs for two weeks. They canceled shortly before the stay was due to begin and were only entitled to a half refund. I probably would have refunded it all but they said “sorry but husband just got orders to deploy to the middle east.” That sounded fishy to me so I asked a friend of mine who was active duty. In a fantastic coincidence it turns out she knew this SGT Major, and worked with his wife (who was a DoD civilian employee.) Turns out it was a lie and a really bizarre story I won’t bore you with. But what were the chances that this person they found randomly through an internet app knew and happened to ask a person they knew. Anyway, no refund for them.

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