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Hello! My name is Bethany and I’m a secretary from Baptist College of Ministry in Menomonee Falls, WI. We have a couple of guys coming out for a ministry trip to a preaching conference in Santa Clara arriving October 4 and leaving on the 7th in the morning. Your place looks like the perfect option for lodging. Would be willing to donate (tax write off/charitable contribution) those 3 nights to us or give a major discount for the stay? Thank you so much in advance for your consideration!

I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask!!

No wonder the church has so much money!


"Thank you for your enquiry. I am a Follower of the Church of the Realized Fantasy. We would be most honoured if the Reverends would care to join us at our Annual Tribute to Bacchus Festival, concurrent to their visit. We would be most honoured to likewise accept tribute of three kegs of local plonk.

An inspired trade … No receipts necessary!"


we will be sky clad and welcome all!


Dear Bethany – you lot may be a “charitable organization” but I have to work for my money, not beg. No discounts.


This is the first thing I thought of


I usually agree with this. Just say no and move on would be my mantra. But this is the kind of inquiry that pushes all my buttons. I’d be tempted to ask if this a trip like the Falwells at Wall in 2014.


Dear Bethany,
I’m actually more inclined to charge you extra to bring this kind of thing into my home. You may want to keep looking.



I guess you can be mean and say what my husband said to the Jevohah Witness folks that rang our door bell the other day. My nutty husband scared them away by saying “Sorry, we worship the other guy.”


I would send a very special offer, like 5K a night.



@Ritz3 Oh goodness, haha, my brother did something along the same.lines … With mention of a goat getting loose. 🤦 The weekly solicitors skipped our home from then on.


Church or no church. I would send the rates and if the like it they take it. I wouldn’t allow any donations. The owners have bills to pay and the church uses everything as a tax write off.


I have thought of finding property to help bring fishing tournaments to certain areas.

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Busting a gut in Hamilton Ontario…baaaaa!


And a third-party booking on top of asking for a free stay.

Don’t religious sects have some secret network of home shares? My mother-in-law has used her religious and professional connections to get free room-and-board for fifty-odd years now.


Yes my nice reply back was this is my business and no third party bookings allowed.
So no free stays!


There was a photo studio that did phone sales in my neighborhood growing up. If my mother wasn’t home when they asked for the lady of the house, I would put on my best Mae West and say ‘Sugar, they ain’t no ladies in this kinda house.’ My mom objected to that so if she was home I would say, in my best Bela Lugosi, ‘Our kind don’t photograph.’ Which actually made one scream, hang up, and her coworker or boss called rignt back to confirm I did say our kind don’t photograph.


Hahaha! My dad was a cop and his favorite was “City morgue. You stab em, we slab em”

Dating was hard, damn hard. 🤦



I googled them—they have a web presence. I like your kind response. I agree, this is a business thus not able to offer free stays and 3rd party bookings are against the Airbnb terms of service.

In your shoes, if the guest makes a direct inquiry for the advertised price, I would gladly rent to them.

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Yes if they do decide to book I’ll make sure that they add the guests to the reservation.
In my area the only lower priced properties are hostel like homes in large neighborhoods
I’m thinking that’s more in the price range that they are looking for.

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