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Check out in the middle of the night - is it possible?


Hey, I am going on a vacation and wants to rent an Airbnb flat in Lloret de Mar.
The problem is, on the last night, my flight from Barcelona leaves really early - as early as 07:05 in the morning! Which means in order to make it in time, I realistically have to leave Lloret at about 4 am.
I wonder, would it be a legitimate request from a host, to show up at that kind of time to check out? or alternatively, to let me check out earlier this evening, and than stay half the night after that? Of course I’ll pay for this night in full.
I’m wondering what would be the best way to handle this situation, in the most pleasant way for both me and the host.
Thanks a lot.


That is so nice of you to think of your host’s convenience. Wish more of my guests were that courteous.:slight_smile: I think it’s ok to check out anytime you want. You paid for the flat until the time of check out. Hosts are used to guests catching early flights and leaving on the dawn patrol. Just mention that you will be doing that… leaving early. You probably don’t need to wake them up to leave. Just make sure to follow the check out instructions! (PS… I’ve had guests check out in the middle of their stay and not even tell me! It’s OK, they paid for it and can leave when they want!)


I agree with the above poster, it’s nice that you’re this considerate of the host.

The best way to handle it is to just ask/inform the host beforehand. And if the host is in the actual unit during your stay, just be quiet on the way out.

If you’re paying for the full night, I doubt it will be much of an issue.

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