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Check in time poll


I don’t know how the poll tool works and I don’t have time to figure it out so just post please.

I’ve had a run of people wanting to check in early. My current check out time is 11, check in at 3. But if someone checks out at 11 and I have anything else to do like an appointment or errand it can be tough to get the room and laundry done in that 4 hour window. Yes I have spare linens but I prefer not to have to fold everything. I like to take the fresh linens and put them straight on the bed. So I’m not looking for advice on how to reduce turnover time…

My question is this: If I make my check in time 4 will I lose bookings? Will I just be assailed with additional requests for early check in?

What time is your check in?


Mine is 4. I don’t think it costs bookings and I never get early check in requests. Give yourself time to clean the room. I need every minute!


We have check-in at 12 noon - though we have had people arrive as early as 10.30am - and check-out at 12 noon - though we have had people leave as late as 4.00pm. However we always have a full day window between bookings - it makes life an awful lot easier! We can’t be doing with running around like headless chickens doing laundry and room cleaning in a rush, so we compromise by earning just a little less - which isn’t a problem. We try to keep things in perspective and have a life outside of AirBnB.


Mine’s 3pm to 8pm guests arrive from 12am to 11pm, before 3pm I tell them to go play on the beach for a while, after 7pm I message guest for arrival time. Easy for me as I live next door.
In answer to your question, I don’t think it will make any difference to bookings folks will still arrive at a time which suits them.


I doubt seriously that people are going to “not book with you” simply because your check-in time is 4PM instead of 3PM. If guests are so entitled that they can’t deal with that, you probably don’t want them as guests anyway.

Our check-out has always been 11 and check-n at 4-6PM (later only with extenuating circumstances (late flight, Spring Training game over later than normal, etc.) Check-in early only if I message/phone that it is possible on that day.


Check out 1:00. Check in 3:00–midnight. Late check out, early check in only with prior request & approval. June 1-Sept 15th I can rarely accomodate late/early requests because of back to back bookings.


Mine is 4 pm arrival 11 am departure. I often get asked for an early check in, and if I can manage 3 pm I will happily agree. But I know that if my check in was 3 pm I’d get asked for a 2 pm arrival- and so on. Guests are always pushing it at both ends (arrival and departure)


Hi @K9KarmaCasa

I used to have my check in post 6p.m. before I got a key lock and now have it at 3 p.m.

I always got plenty of bookings. I guess it will depend on your competition and where your guests are coming from. However I don’t think an hour will make much of a difference.


My check in is 5-8pm. I was worried about being too restrictive but it works for us and we still have plenty of bookings. I actually don’t mind waiting around until 9.30pm for guests, but when I had it set to that people would come even later.

I rarely get people asking for early check in. Most people who do ask are also asking for other ridiculous things so they’re going to get turned down anyway (“we’re coming to stay in your two person room with our 500 2 year olds. Can we check in early?”)


Our check in time is after 3:00, and checkout is before 11:00. Depending on the state of the state, I can usually get things done in under three hours, but sometimes I need the full four hours. We get a lot of back-to-back bookings, so I’m usually running around at quite a clip. Laundry slows me down the most, but I’m generally too lazy to use my extra set of sheets because it takes me ages to fold them neatly. I’ve watched several videos, but I’m still sheet folding challenged.

I have thought about moving our check in to 4:00, but I’m quite surprised at the number of people who check in at 3:00. I don’t know if we’d actually lose bookings, but it would put people a little close to rush hour traffic around here.

We have a trip planned this summer using Airbnb, and I did use check in times that coordinated with our flights as one criteria. One of our hosts has a 4:00 check in, but our flight gets in at 3:30, so it works out great. For our other stay, we have a late morning flight, and I did search for a place that had an earlier check in time.


True I guess we will never know about the guests who didn’t book because of check in times! :rofl:


I have 3:00 pm check-in. Later check-in would be less desirable but It’s hard to gauge what impact it would have on bookings.


My check in is 4 p.m. Agree with poster above…some people will push no matter what the check in time is.

No, I do not think you will lose bookings. I once read of one guests saying she tries not to book places that have check in later than 3. But her reason was because of the little kids, and getting settled in, and then going grocery shopping to get food for the next few days, then before she knows it, it’s time to go to bed. But if came down to price…I bet she’d wait an extra hour.

If your guests are asking to check in early, just cuz…I wouldn’t be concerned.


The Horrid Harridan here, but mine are;-

in) 5-8pm, later by arrangement, out) 10 am. No early check-in. Requests, yes but no complaints so far.

I don’t think you will suffer if you change it to 4pm!


Thanks to everyone who has chimed in so far. One problem is that El Paso is only about an hour away from the Mountain/Central Time Zone line. A significant number of people driving from the east forget about the time change. In the summer I get a lot who are confused driving from AZ because they don’t do daylight savings time. People flying in know what time their flight arrives so no issues with them.

I think I’ll switch it to 4 and see what happens. @southendbootboy If I were at a little higher price point or had more multi night bookings I’d consider doing that. As it is I block off an unbooked night every week to 10 days.


I have check out at 11am and check in at 4 pm. I don’t actually need the full five hours for a turnover so will let guests in early if it’s possible. We have keypads for entry so if they arrive in the middle of the night, that’s fine. I don’t greet them in person after about 6.30 pm.


4pm on Airbnb and VRBO. 3pm on booking.com. Check out is 10am for Air and VRBO, 11.30am on BDC.
I charge a premium on booking.com so the earlier check in and later check out is my sweetening the deal!


Our check-in is after 2:00 p.m., check out by 11:00 a.m.
I’ve noticed many listings with check in after 4:00
Most of our guests actually check in around 6-8 pm.


Check-in window: 2pm-9pm. We don’t do self check-in.

Check-out: 10am.


Check in: 3PM-10PM
Checkout: 10:30AM

This is a bit of a squeeze to be honest. Our space is 700 sq ft and after some guests it seems really big. Other guests, the size is much smaller. :slight_smile:

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