Check in instructions and house manual

So i’m having the problem that all my messages are pretty long, so i wanted to know when are you guys sending the house manual? is it when the guest automatically books? cause i send it by the check-in time but then the check-in message is too long and guests dont read it all and start asking the same questions?

Thanks in advance guys.

There’s no need to send the entire manual in a message. There’s a place in your listing under “Guest resources” where you can add the manual. Just include a link to it in your message.

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Ours is in the apartment. Then I point it out during the house tour. (Or make sure that your co-host does). I point out the restaurant recommendations and where to get great coffee and so on to maintain their interests.

If by ‘manual’ you mean ‘how stuff works’ all the manufacturers’ booklets are in the closet - also pointed out during the tour.


Like jaquo, ours is in the apartment and I point it out and mention it. I didn’t like having it on the listing (now that we’ve talked about cancellations, I think that’s why) but say, “it’s on the kitchen counter…” in the spot were the manual could be on the listing.


The thing is, i have a few apartments that have self check-in and it’s too tedious to explain how a safe work and they might not even use it, so i just put the link in the manual with a video explaining it.

Also my co-hosts have a lenguage barrier sometimes and it could be hard. Maybe i should send it after check-in or at some point before check in or look to reduce the amount of text?

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Yeah, maybe send it in a separate message before/around check-in? Or, really, you could just put a note on the safe saying, “there’s a helpful video on how to operate this safe in the online manual”, or something to that effect? That way, for guests who want to use the safe, they will know to go look at the manual online if they’d like but only when they want it (you don’t have to include in the messages).

I have to admit that I have never looked at a listing’s manual online but haven’t traveled much lately, perhaps it’s more common now.