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Cheated by Guest and Airbnb PLEASE HELP

I’ve never been so upset while working with this company. Right now I feel cheated and I don’t know anywhere else to start but here. I posted a thread back in March which I followed hosts’ advice on. However, I couldn’t find any way to contact an airbnb representative without cancelling. I tried for 2 hours. Below this link to the thread is the final result: http://www.airhostsforum.com/t/extremely-angry-guest/3742/5

Hi Mike!

Marie-Aimée again. I hope you’re fine :slight_smile:

I tried to contact you yesterday about the reservation with Michele. Without answer from you, I have just adjusted you to refund your guest (because I saw that you proposed that in the message thread).

You can see the adjustment in your transaction history.

Please if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact. I remain at your disposal Mike :slight_smile:

Have a very nice day :slight_smile:

Marie A


04/14/2016 Cancellation Fee Cancellation of reservation 4JDM3M ($100)
04/14/2016 Adjustment Mar 10 - 16, 2016 4JDM3M
By Balcony-AC/priv bath-Fun Expats ($88)

***So airbnb gave me 1 day to reply during the biggest holiday in Cambodia (the new year). Then automatically charged me for her entire amount and a $100 cancellation fee. I feel extremely cheated. Do I have any recourse? Please help. The profit margins are very low here. In a good month I might make $100 from one room and this is a $188 loss.

There are lots of ways to reach them, and they are responsive. They should answer emails right away. It sounds lie they tried to reach you and heard nothing?

Even in Thailand there are telephones. If it was that important, then the cost of a call would have been nothing. Google “airbnb customer service phone number”. They operate 24/7/365.

You did have one whole day – biggest holiday of the year or not – you had 24 entire hours to make a reply which would have taken 15 minutes. If you went partying during the holiday instead of doing what needed to be done, I don’t see how you can claim anyone cheated you, except yourself.

@airbnbhelp on Twitter is my GO TO. They answer immediately

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Have to agree with KenH. You have to comply with the rules. Sounded like they tried to get in touch with you and you blew it off.

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