Charging surcharge

Hi can anyone give me any advice please.
I normally insist on a minimum of 2 nights stay but have had a request asking if I would reconsider for her upcoming visit. I decided to on this one occasion but insisted on a surcharge that I’d collect from her on arrival. I’d hoped she would not be interested as 2 nights income is not really worth my while. But, she has agreed!
Now I’ve no idea what to charge her as a surcharge. Does anyone have a suggestion please. Thank you. Anna

I would have the surcharge cover the extra night as you have a two night minimum @Annatrixi

I am sure you know you can’t ask for a cash payment so request it through Airbnb.

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Or at least 50% of the 2nd night

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You should have sent a special offer, now that she has booked you need to request money through the system.

If you cannot figure it out give Air a call, hopefully it is all documented in the message thread.


Send her a request for money through the platform.

  1. I can’t believe the guest agreed to a surcharge without knowing the amount.
  2. I can’t believe you’d let a guest book and expect the guest to pay you some portion of their rent on arrival.

It’s not clear if the reservation has been made, but if not, the right thing to do is to send special offer with the revised dates and the total price including the surcharge

I agree with the others that said the surcharge should be a whole night stay since you obviously have a reason for your minimum stay. I’m guessing that’s not what you’re planning though because then the guest could just book it for 2 days without any surcharge (unless there’s a 1 day gap you’re filling in).


After the reservation is made you can do an alteration request to request payment for additional services. There you can add things like a pet charge or other surcharge type items such as minimal rental exception fee.

I can’t imagine she booked for less than the minimum allowed so am guessing maybe she booked for both nights and is hoping you are going to refund her some of the last night. But I’d call the whole amount the surcharge. Agrees that no idea why someone would book without knowing what that surcharge would be.

Thank you Annet . I will try your suggestion. X