Charging for down comforter, duvet, sheets and pillow cases

This situation is different from hosting in that this is a rental situation which lasted more than 2.5 years. I rented a furnished room in my house to another woman in her 60s for $600 per month. Initially, she stated that she would only be with me for about 5-months as she was about to buy a home. When I showed her the room, I told her that she needed to supply her own bedding such as what is listed in the topic. She did not; but, instead, took stuff which was out of my linen closet. I did not say anything and thought that, at least, she would be leaving in a few-to-several months. It turned out to be well over 2 years and she is, now, leaving. I imagine that she will leave the set of linens that she brought together from my collection; however, for me, they are not the same after over 2.5 years of being used and laundered. I thought about taking a fee for the ‘rental’ of this bedding and wondered what other people thought.


30 months x $600 = $18,000. Buy a new down comforter, duvet, sheets and pillow cases. You can afford really nice ones. Normal wear and tear on your old ones – don’t charge her. I would be grateful that I had all that extra income. That’s about three trips to Europe!


I would let her take them with her. The 2.5 years of having that extra income every month you could consider it a thank you parting gift.


Yes. Thank you. You are both correct.


A renter who used these things daily for 2.5’years needs to just take them with her, and you just need to bite the bullet and replace them.

See if she wants to buy them from you at a discount…then she can just take them with her, and you get compensated at least something…even if it is small - it can go towards new bedding. And then she doesn’t need to spend the money on new bedding when she moves.

Of course that all depends on what this woman is like. I am having a difficult time grasping the fact that you told her she needed to supply her own bedding, and then instead she took yours. Could she not afford her own bedding at the time? Even so, why would she just take yours and not ask to borrow it until she could afford her own?

Also why did you just leave expensive bedding in the room when the rental turned out to be a long term one?