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Charging cleaning fees


I air b n b my bedroom and sleep in my guest room.
I have new guest and well… They are pretty terrible.
I had initially declined their stay but his friend made a request am with another account (they said the reason they wanted to stay was because I said smoking aloud)
Anyway they got here (they’re still here) and smoked weed. They stay locked in all day and watch loud sports whilst cursing. They switched my AC while the radiators are on (fall in NYC) and just now they blocked my toilet and didn’t clean up.
I am shocked but such bad manners. The room is not much just 55$ a night.

Can I charge a cleaning fee after they leave. I cannot even use my toilet and I will probably have to wake up early and clean before work.

What are my options here? I really just want them to leave


No you can’t charge afterwards. It’s a fee that is set by you and agreed by the guest when they request to stay. I would suggest you ring Airbnb and tell them what is happening: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/help/contact_us

1-855-4-AIRBNB (1-855-424-7262).

Did you take a deposit from them?


That sounds horrible. Do call airbnb ASAP. Weed is still illegal in NY, right?


Notify airbnb abd ask them to leave…if you are nervous, call the police and ask for an officer to supervise their departure. Is pot legal where you live? If not there will be no problem with the little creeps departing.

Just tell the police what is going on and that you fear for the safety of yourself and your home. Worst comes to worse, you can hire an off duty officer in uniform.


I mean!!! I’m not scared of weed. It just makes me look bad with my neighbors. I think they’re both 17. It’s 2am and they are still talking loudly… I don’t see the point in traveling from Nepal to NYC just to watch movies in my bed. They’re truly filthy. I just cleaned up the blocked toilet and I am no ones maid. I want them to pay me for that hour. You cannot just walk away from a blocked full toilet
Like its a public bathroom.
Every time I come home I’m thinking “God what did they do now”?
How does the resolution center work?


I would call them and explain to them the situation and see what they can do for you. I think they are 24/7 if I’m not mistaken.


if I were you, I would up the price. Low prices may increase bookings but they also make you look desperate and thus attractive to this kind of riffraff who won’t respect your space (as you’re finding out the hard way). As others have said, open a ticket to claim deposit for the cost of deodorizing after pot smoking. If air wants evidence, a police report could come in very handy.


So these are visitors from a country in Asia or they just did a pit stop in Nepal?? I really truly wish someone would come on these boards and educate the rest of us about the cultures that see nothing wrong with blocking up toilets, splashing water everywhere, being filthy, etc. Yes, I get it is a cultural thing. But someone please explain.

If these happen to be a couple of American teenagers who were traveling from Nepal then get in there and ask them if they plan to leave as you are getting tired of their loud talking and cursing. And ask them if they were raised by pigs. Sorry…wish I could help more.

Why did you initially decline the request?


You know, you can ask them to leave.
If they are acting like this wi no respect for the house you can call Airbnb and cancel their reservation and they will have to leave, or call police.
Even in hotels they evict guests based on their inproper behavior.

You can evict them based on a fact that they didn’t book directly but a third party booked for them


Yes they’re from Nepal. And my mother was born in India and knows how to handle herself so I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing. It’s just young entitled thing (a part from the AC I guess)
I just want to charge them extra without getting a poor review. To me that is an extra charge and I feel violated in my own space.
The initial request was from his friend (he had no reviews) and mentioned he liked my place because you can smoke (which is true, I’m an occasional cigarette smoker so it is aloud at the window) but I just didn’t think it was w good enough reason to want to stay at my place so I declined.
I got a request a week later, it was a more normal request (we are from Boston, we want to visit NYC ) so I accepted.
When they arrived I recognized the other guy in the first request. Their beauty products are written in Chinese so I’m assuming they live somewhere like Taiwan but had a layover in Boston because I doubt you just bring in weed from Asia on a long haul flight


How much longer are they staying? Defnitely don’t get the neighbors mad and tell them they must be quiet by 10 p.m.

Can you tell how they blocked up the toilet? Did they shove too much toilet paper down there because I would be worried they will do the same thing. Or did someone take the most gigantic poo and it wouldn’t flush? You may need to explain to them how to properly use the toilet so that they don’t flush all kinds of things down there.

I would almost tell them you need to go into their room to clean. I would be very concerned about how they are taking care of the room. Have they left the room yet to at least get food?


It’s 244 pm and they just got out to shower. I never get a chance to see them leave. I’m not sure that they even do. I have my nice plants in there is like to water them


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