Charge for additional guests

Is there a setting to only charge for additional guests if they are over a specific age? I do not want parents to feel discouraged to book if they have one or two children by charging extra for this. However, I do feel the extra charge is indicated for additional adults. Thank you.

Not as far as I am aware. You would normally charge for children as you would for adults.

I don’t think it would put parents off as for most places the extra per person charge isn’t that great and children if anything will end up costing you more not less as a host in terms of wear and tear to your property.


The extra charge is not shown anywhere to my knowledge. So I don’t think they will be discouraged. A guest would only know about it if they search once below the threshold guests and again above it.

I know that infants stay automatically free of charge and have had many parents consider their 12 year olds infants. You can always advertise it in your description or title “Kids free of charge”. But I do agree with @Helsi about the damages.