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Changing work schedule and check-in times

I have noticed that some sites don’t have check-in times in their rules, and I’d like to do something similar so I can agree on a time by message, but all I can do is “flexible” or a set time.

I have a changing work schedule, and I am not always able to get the room clean by a set time.
My current check-in time is 4 pm. It works well if the reservation is made in advance, and I can plan on cleaning the day before, or come back from work to flip the room. But today I had a same day booking, and my previous guest was still at home when I left for work. Before I agreed to the new reservation, I told the new guest I wouldn’t be able to let them in until 5:30 pm. She replied “Awesome!”, but didn’t really read the message and was later surprised…

Anyway, how can I deal with a changing work schedule and the system?

From what you have written, the easy answer is don’t allow same day bookings. Require 1 day advance notice.

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When I have this happen, I make SURE the guest understands they cannot check in until whatever time you specify. If I can do it, I offer to make it up to them with a late checkout.

Having a 1 day turnaround might be one way, but its more the check-in time that I would like to change.

How about not having a check-in time in the main section? I think older listings can do it, like this one:

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