Changing Time Period used for Superhost status

Hi, I wonder if anyone has any experience of this before I approach AirBnB. I would like to get Superhost status. Currently I meet all the other criteria but my average rating is 4.6 and I need 4.8. I worked out that as I have 52 reviews so far that that small seeming 0.2 extra will actually require another 45 5 star reviews. When I first opened over a year ago I was just renting out a couple of rooms in a part of my house I don’t use, mostly to travellers. I usually got 4 stars, sometimes 5 stars and one or two 3 star reviews overall. I closed for about 4 months and reopened and closed again when I had a tenant for 4 weeks. Since I reopened in February 2016 I have had about 85% five star reviews and the last 13/13 or 18/20 have been 5 star. Mainly because I’ve spent a lot of money on the place, listened to guests’ feedback and replaced my old cleaner who was not up to scratch.

If I had simply relisted in Feb I would be eligible for Superhost status by now with more than 10 bookings and (easily) 80% of which were 5 stars and more than 80% 5 stars in all the subcategories as well. But because of my previous ratings (which weren’t bad at all for what I offered, but not quite up to Superhost status) I’ll need another 50 or so guests which will take me past the Australian summer when I need it the most. A lot of people put rooms up on AirBnB over summer and I want to stand out from the pack.

So anyone tried to get AirBnB to use a more recent date for evaluating Superhost status? The stupid thing is if I took down my listing and relisted I could probably get there in the minimum 10 bookings, instead of 50. But I have some great detailed reviews that are written in French and Chinese that are useful for people from those countries. As well as many great ones from longer stay guests. I don’t really want to lose them.

Anyone successfully tried to convince the powers that be to use, for example, the last 3 or 6 months, or 10 or 20 reviews to base their ‘Superhost’ calculation on?

To get Superhost status you must meet all the criteria within the assessment period; not from the date your listing started.

You sure on that @EllenN? I still see the 4’s that some lush pole dancer gave me for passing out drunk on the wrong dock and took me over an hour to find her, 1.5 years ago. Or do they all still show from the start, but some have no bearing?


I think it’s the past 12 months that count towards SH but that assessments are done every 4 months. The OP sounds like they’ve only been hosting for a year so most of them will count but as the months go by, those early reviews should start dropping out.


Cool, so it is a matter of time.

You are the funniest Mearns. Yes, your stats page will show all the ratings you’ve ever gotten. It is my understanding that Superhost status is assessed multiple times per year and that activity within the assessment period is what counts toward Superhost status. If you look at your stats page you will see a different number of completed trips under Host Standards than under Ratings from Guests. The Host Standards numbers are for the current Superhost assessment period. The Ratings from Guests are from the beginning of your listing.

Looking, be right back…don’t go away. :grin:

Addendum: I found it! Never have clicked on Stats page, very interesting indeed. When did they add that? :rolling_eyes:

Thanks all. I went looking back at the Stats page and next to where it says “Host Standards” there is a date period which is currently set at: “October 1 2015 - September 4 2016”. Given the next assessment date is Oct 1 2016 I guess it will be based on the 12 months prior to then. So by the next assessment date after Oct 1 ie on January 1 2017, my 4 star reviews will have dropped off and I should be okay to get Superhost status then.

So I have to wait 4 months, which will be about 30-40 bookings, which is slightly better than waiting for 50 bookings.

thanks! I hadn’t seen the fine detail there as I keep track of my stats by writing them down. Couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

Stop worrying about stats and Superhost status! Being a Superhost and $5 will get you a small Starbucks coffee, that’s all. It’s not like you get a better percentage, or a cash award, or anything really special. If you had not started/stopped your listing so many times your “time in grade” as we used to say in the military, would have been long, not short.

Actually, you do receive a travel voucher when you achieve Superhost status. Also, we’ve had many guests who told us that they would only stay with a Superhost.

I still think being Superhost is a heck of a status, especially now that they are changing the Superhost icon to a sanctimonious glow, like a halo over the host’s head, so they can find each other easier. LoL

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I think Superhost status is probably useful, at least in places with a lot of established Airbnb competition. Though, of course, good statistica are hard to come by. I’m assuming @JamJerrupSunset is one such. Where are you located, @JamJerrupSunset? Though your time would be at least as well spent setting up a decent website as worrying about Airbnb rankings. They want you to obsess about it - don’t play their game.

Maybe it’s just me but I had superhosts status for 4 consecutive quarters, but the more stays, great reviews, an overall rating of 4.9 or something I started noticing people began to dock me for the most ridiculous things. Getting 5 stars from every guest stay went from a guarentee to a maybe if lucky and if anything I’ve only tried accommodating them better! 5s started being regularly 4s with even 2-3s mixed in on occasion.

It seems being a superhost is a double edged sword

I’ve knocked it out of the park in all superhosts categories with over 100reviews but only a 4.7 overall rating ATM… And a 70℅ 5 stars… And I need 80℅. It will take FOREVER TO get back to superhost… I’ve hosted so much grrrr.

At first I didn’t even care… But I’ve noticed it’s hurting me… I’ve had to lower my prices incredibly low to get bookings. Like… as low as they were when i started. Making 3x less than I was making per month!

I HATE "superhost. They make it way harder for non super hosts to getpaid right for what they are offering. It should be based on ratings and reviews only not this BS special treatment the SH get. I know if I was looking to stay somewhere i would tick “superhost listings only” when searching for a place. They should have a option like “0-5.0” lick range of homes you want to see. I.e. only 4.5_5.0 overall ratings—Now THAT would be much better for everyone especially us… The ones that have made them a multi BIOLLION dollar company.

I hope to god I’m wrong and it’s just because we (I) are entering the slow season. I just don’t recall any month really being “slow” so I doubt it…

Week see I guess…

I’m with you sister. I started out with a low ball value offering but in the last 6 months turned it up to 11. I worked out I will need about 30 5 star ratings to get superhero, sorry superhost status. If I had started 3 months ago I would have it by now. You know what? I ask guests what they cared about to make the decision and it was the place, location, letting dogs stay and price. None of them mention Superhost status.