Changing the Name of Your Listing

Just wondering, if I were to change the name of my listing, would it be like “starting over” with Airbnb or would i keep all of our reviews & information?

You mean to edit the first line? You can do that daily if you want; it’s not starting over.


Nah, change the title all you want! It doesn’t change anything else.

I’ve got three whole house listings and I’ve changed the title on each of them at least three times, so I know.


Constantly revising your title is a good thing. Example, if you are near two attractions, that each draws travelers at different seasons or around different events.

“5 minutes to convention center” in winter might become
“10 minutes to water park” in summer, for example.


Something Catchy is working for us! Google Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway, which is used as name on all sites.

I change my listing title at least every few months . . . and also scan through all my details to make changes/additions/deletions, as needed, from time to time. I’m in New England, so the change of seasons warrants changes, as do the reasons ppl come to the area (foliage/skiing/lake life/etc.). Keepin’ it fresh!


Not at all. Simply “edit” away at will. Winter is quiet but I change from Rural B&B or similar in Summer to Cosy Cottage B&B in Winter.