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Changing linen etc?

I have 2 guests at the moment in the middle of a two week stay.
Is it the done thing to offer to change the sheets? I think washing the towels is a no brained but not sure about sheets.

I bought this up here some time ago. Several people said they had a policy of changing sheets once a week for stays longer than a week. I’ve added this to my listing as well, now. One good reason given for doing this was an excuse to see what was going on in the room, and make sure things weren’t too messy.

It’s probably better if you just say you are going to do it, rather than offer to do it. As in, make it part of the house rules. They may object to this, but probably won’t. If you offer, they are more likely to say something like - no, we’re fine as is.


I would change them at the very least every 7 days. It should keep them in good condition. Most my guests are only 2 or 4 days and I get them washed after every guest anyway.


I offer after 1.5 weeks but most don’t take me up on it.

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I change towels every 4th night and linens every 8th night. This is a minimum, for instance for a 4 night stay I change towels in the middle of the stay. I want to provide the service, to keep an eye on my rental and don’t want the towels or linens to get too dirty (stains are still fresh and easy to remove).

While I am in the rental, I sometimes do a little cleanup, refill teabags and coffee pods, write a little note for the guests, with a friendly reminder of the house rules if needed. I also check the “comments and suggestions” paper I leave in the apartment and answer any comment.


For guests who are staying for more than eight days, I offer to change the bedding and supply new towels. (Separate apartment).

I tell the guests that it’s their choice - I can do it when they are in the apartment, when they are out or I can let them have the clean linens so that they can make the bed themselves.

As I almost always have short stays, it’s only happened a few times and in each instance, they have preferred that I do it when they are out.

I always tell guests who stay longer than four days that I’m happy to change their linen any time they like, all they need to do is let me know. I also ask them after each four or five days if they would like me to change their linen. The only people who have wanted fresh linen are guests who stayed three months. We keep the spare linens in the guest room. They changed their own linens and washed the dirty linens. We allow unlimited use of the washing machine.

Here’s what I’ve started to do.

These are rooms in my house. I peek in them almost every day to make sure the heaters are turned off, windows closed, no open food, etc.

But I put a laundry basket outside their bathroom so if their towels are soiled they put them in there.

Then I leave clean sheets on the shelf in their room and let them know they are welcome to change their sheets an put the soiled ones in the laundry basket.

No one has done so.


I tell the longer stay guests that it is a service I offer to all guests who stay for longer than a week to clean the room and bathroom. They all take me up on it without hesitation. If I have someone staying for 10 days I’d clean it in 5 days. I also get to check the room for damage, and put fresh cut flowers in the room. They love it!

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