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Changing ID on profile


Hello forum! I’m looking for advice on how to change my ID without negatively impacting my reservations.
I shifted to instant book in December, and uploaded my passport as ID.
Since then, I’ve been getting uneasy about having my passport stored on the Airbnb platform, and this has been compounded by recent cybersecurity issues.

I wanted to use another form of ID, however in trying to remove my current ID, I received the warning that my upcoming reservations would be cancelled and that I’d have to wait for 90 days after my last booking before removing my current ID.
I tried to get support from customer service, however they told me they can’t support me with this, and there’s no workaround to this issue.

I’m feeling stuck and my dilemma is that realistically I’ll always have upcoming reservations. Help! Have other folks experienced this? Do you have advice on other possible solutions to this problem?


I’m only guessing, but have you tried adding other id before deleting existing id?
If your profile is brimming with id, you might be able to sneak your passport id away.


yes! I’d thought that would be a simpler solution. but I can’t see that option


Hate to say this, but your passport will live on all those AirBNB backup drives, tapes, and redundant systems. I would be shocked if “deleting” it from your profile meant that AirBNB would actually delete it from everywhere that it is stored.

Out of curiosity, what ID would you prefer be stolen? [I think passports are amongst the most difficult to duplicate.]


I appreciate your critical insight. sigh! I was suspecting that it was likely so, still rationalizing that at least deleting it will remove my official ‘consent’ for it’s storage, and make it harder to access.
Because I’m in Canada, thought that at least I could use my health card, it’s photo ID, and the most benign of the options.


As this is a priority for you it sounds like your option is to block off booking for a period of 90 days to enable you to do so.


I didn’t investigate on this issue, so I don’t know about solution, but it should be possible to change your ID. I can think about multiple situation, when uploading new ID is required.

What if you lose your passport or it is stolen? What if it’s pass due date, what if you have new ID e.g. you get married/divorced and change your name? There are for sure other situations, when your ID is no longer valid and you need to upload new one.

If Airbnb doesn’t allow that, then it is missing feature, they should be notify and add it in the new version.


yes, these are all likely scenarios that would require uploading new id.
thanks for the suggestion, will be following up with my case agent to suggest adding such a feature in future versions

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